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  1. Hi SKeller83 - I didn't use their photographer because that is something I wanted to splurge on. I saw some really horrible pictures from some other reviews and I wanted to make sure that we had really nice pictures. I received my bridal bouquet from the resort and it was very nice. I used the outside vendor because the outside vendor was significantly cheaper. I received my free bridal bouquet and ordered all the other flowers from Marvin. I think the flowers through the resort are very nice and more convenient. If I had the extra money to spend I would have gone through the resort. But Marvin saved me a lot of money.
  2. He charged me $45 for each bouquet. I spent $400 total for 5 bouquets, 7 boutinnerres, 2 mother's boutinnerres, and a flower girl head piece. He was on time but I did have him come a little earlier then I needed him. It sounds like he may have increased his prices but he is still much cheaper than the resort.
  3. $45 for my bridesmaids bouquets $10 bouttonieres $35 flowergirl halo (headpiece) It depends on the flowers and designs but this is what I paid! so much cheaper than the resort!!
  4. I used an outside florist and it was really easy. I communicated with Marvin via email. He sent me pictures. I decided on what I wanted. And he even made me a flower girl halo for my niece. I picked a time to meet in the lobby and he even called my in my hotel room. I asked my brother in law to meet him in the lobby and gave him cash. It all worked out really smoothly and saved me tons of money. I was very hesitant to do this but I'm really glad I did. I liked the flowers from Marvin better than Zuniga's center pieces. (It was all very nice tho).
  5. Thanks DiamondGirl! Its so funny because during our wedding day my husband didn't really know what he should be doing and he started to get a little stressed out because he thought he should be doing something. But I told him to just hang out and have fun It was really sweet to see him sweat a little lol. I've seen a lot of weddings and something always happens. You just have to pray its nothing too big. Expect it. And roll with the punches. Good luck! And happy planning.
  6. Hi Ladies, I got the bm bouquets through Marvin. You can email him. marvin@mayadisenofloral.com.mx I saved so much money. I ordered bm bouquets, boutonnieres for the groomsmen and parents. He usually responds pretty quickly. But they were very reliable and easy to work with. I asked him to meet me at 9:30am in the hotel lobby for my 3:00pm wedding. He didn't have any problems. I asked one of my groomsmen to go meet him with the money and everything went smoothly. I did get the complementary bridal bouquet and matching groom's boutonniere from the resort which was very nice.
  7. Hi Akotha, I just got back from Moon Palace and I had my photographers bring a projector and I rented a screen for about $40. (it might have been $44 but I can't remember). It ended up being windy so they brought out a flat screen tv and we didn't end up using it. Depending on where you are having your events you can just project it off the wall or in my case we used the ceiling. Good luck!
  8. Hey Summergirl- wow, you're a funny girl! I realize that nothing is free. But I feel like they are trying to rip you off if you don't do your research. They were going to charge my guests a significant amount more than what other people were charged. I'm so glad I found this website because it has been really helpful. I'm glad you found that she has good reviews. For the most part she has been good. I think it has to do with our circumstance because the coordinator before her sent me the wrong prices for my guests and they told me the p.s. would count as two separate reservations and two separate rooms. In the end they honored the information they sent me because months had passed and I sent this information to all my guests. I'm not trying to get the p.s. for free but I do hope to get the benefits for the group booking. not every circumstance is the same so do not assume she is the same with everyone. Karma karma karma......get a life.
  9. I booked my airfare from LAX for around $400. I wasn't able to find RT flights because Mexicana went out of business, so all the flights available had layovers. I think, Virgin America, (possibly non-stop) is now flying to Cancun. I'd check out as many websites as possible. We had a group booking with Airtran but they canceled the whole flight with no other options. So now are are flying American Airlines. I've had people book 6 months (which got canceled), 4 months, and 2 months before. Good luck!
  10. I was in the same situation! I had Lisa Lizano for my wedding coordinator. Since I reserved over a year in advance she made me contact her in March to follow up and get prices for 2011. When I did she said they weren't out yet and would be out in a few days. I then got an email with prices, which was lower than the rates of the previous year. I thought this was due to the economy and they were trying to attract more people. But after a few months of aunt who is a member told me she thinks the rates she sent me was incorrect. After a month of being ignored I got fed up. I had the wedding coordinator go to Lisa's supervisor and get the original rates she sent me approved. Now I've been getting attitude from my new wedding coordinator, Janina Mendoza. She keeps saying, I can't ask for anything else! WTH! I'm sorry this is a business. I can ask for whatever I need for my wedding! I got so mad! But I had to calm down because I need her on my side! So annoying! Hopefully I don't have to deal with her anymore. Good luck with everything! And if you run into more problems then keep asking for their supervisor or the head person.
  11. YES! I've been working with Angelica and she was supposed to contact me 90 days before my wedding. Since I didn't hear from her two weeks later, I sent her a few emails. She finally got back to me 8 days later.
  12. me too!! My girlfriend had another wedding in la sbut she is from dc. it was really nice to hang out and spend time with a few of my bms. It made me more excited for the wedding. It sounds like you have a lot of bms. I also wanted to mention a few flight tracking sites. Bookingbuddy kayak fly.com are some good one I've used. Quote:Originally Posted by msjesslee I booked a month ago and got group tickets through airtrans.$400 with tax and fees from lax to cun. you should be able to find something. Hopefully they'll have another sale soon! Quote:Originally Posted by CynLovesLuis super awesome all my BMs are out of the city or in an entirely different state....NJ, PA, AZ, NM, NY...
  13. I booked a month ago and got group tickets through airtrans.$400 with tax and fees from lax to cun. you should be able to find something. Hopefully they'll have another sale soon! Quote:Originally Posted by CynLovesLuis it is encouraging to see that ticket prices were this cheap at some point in the year...because my guests are flipping out with the 500 dollar prices for round trip being quoted right now...
  14. Yeah I've had many wedding coordinators in Miami but I've only been assigned one on-site wc. Quote:Originally Posted by angelalanahung Is this normal? I was assigned a wedding coordinater initially, then I was passed on to someone else and now yet again I am dealing with another lady!! Thats 3 women in total. feel like I am just being passed around to different people and I would like to only have to be dealing with one person. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks, Angela.
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