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  1. I originally purchase these bags so that they would be easy for our guests to carry around in case they needed an extra bag. But they got lost in the mail and so we had to purchase something different for our guests. I guess they found their way because they were on our doorstep when we got back from Cancun. They are polyester shopping bags. These fold into apples and I have 10 available for $1 each. These fold into strawberries and also $1 each. I have two in purple, two in brown, and two in green. I also have 21 badge holders for $.25 cents each and the lanyards for $.50 cents each. All prices do not include shipping. PM or email me if you have any questions. missook1@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. VS code: swimbonus Will get you a free tote with $125 purchase, expires 1/23/11
  3. From the reviews I read, there are a lot of seaweed on the Moon Palace resort. I hear the other Palace resorts has a better beach because they are fairly more newer than Moon Palace. If you look at the photos of brides who has gotten married at Moon Palace, you can see there are some seaweed.
  4. Our wedding is 1/15/11 and now that we are right around the corner, of course I'm going forget and realize too late I want to add something. So I wanted to order freeze dry flower petals to be placed in the aisle and for the guests to throw. Since it's too late to order online, I'm thinking of just purchasing at the resort. Has anyone bought flower petals from the resort? If so, how much petals do they give you?
  5. Rachel, I absolutely LOVE your passport. Would it be possible to receive a copy of the templates? My email is missook1@gmail.com THANKS!
  6. Wow, you guys got great coordinators! My WC stinks and fustrates me. Here we are a week and half away and I didn't get my first contact from her until 40 days prior wedding. I also email her twice a week with questions and I get one email response back every 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. I hope she is better in person because I'm very wary because I wasn't able to plan half the wedding. argh!
  7. Can you believe bikini's are so expensive? I bought one from landsend and two from target. Landsend one was about $60 on sale and Target was $20 on sale. and these are just the tops!
  8. Try JCrew. I got my dress from there and if I had bridesmaids, I would purchase from there too.
  9. How long do you think it will take to have the bags shipped? Ours got lost in the mail so I'm starting over, but i only have a week.
  10. Oh this is good information. I want to line the aisle too and never considered if customs will have a problem. Thanks for the info~
  11. beautiful dress! I can't see the picture at the beginning of the thread though.
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