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RaeNJay's Engagement Story (and more)

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Where to beginhuh.gif (sorry it got really long)


Let's start WAY at the beginning..... Our first day was on Friday, March 13, 1992.... We both worked at Ames (it's like a really cheesy Wal-Mart) in High School (I was a senior, Jason a junior) and that is where we met. I had a boyfriend at the time but Jason swept me off my feet (and he had a convertible I wanted to ride in).... Anyway, fast forward a few years - and trying the long distance relationship things and finally the Tuesday before Christmas 1998, we got hammered on a 5th of Tequilla, and I told him that if he wanted me in his life, I had to move to Charlotte to be with him. I moved to Charlotte in June 1999, and we've lived together ever since....


We are quite happy in our "living in sin" and everybody jokes with Jay because he said he'd never get married - and I was OK with that (but dying inside every little girl wants to be a bride)...


The Engagement Story:


I had went to Bunco (it's a dice game) on Monday night, May 22, 2006. I usually get home around 9:30 PM, and he knows that I always check my email before I go to bed. For some reason that night I did not. When I awoke Tuesday morning after letting Milo (our furbaby) outside I decided to check my email. Waiting for me was an Itinerary for a vacation to Cabo San Lucas for June 15, 2006. He totally SURPRISED me with a vacation - I couldn't believe it... On our first flight from Charlotte to Houston, we had to take a little puddle jumper, and he seemed awful strange when they made us check our carry-ons right on the ramp to the plan. I didn't like it either, but, what can you dohuh.gif We fly from Houston to Cabo, and of course I grab both of our carry ons becuase well, they're lighter than the luggage. What happens - Of course I get the RED light for my bags (and his bag with my ring inside to be searched...) He pushes me totally out of the way screaming "NOOOOO, I'll do that" that entire time. Still not sinking in to me what's going on.... We just lounge around Thursday afternoon, no big thing. Friday, we were catching some sun and have some drinks out by the pool bar when Jason asked me if I wanted to go for a walk out on the beach, of course I said yes. So we ran up to our room, I put on some flip flops, and wondered what was taking him so long to get ready... We went down to the beach in front of the RIU, and started walking to where there was nobody around, I thought just to have some time to ourselves... We stood out on the beach for probably 15 minutes just chatting. And then, Jason turned to me and he said "There are many things I've waited to long to do", and then he got down on one knee right there in the sand, and asked me to marry him. After my shock, and taking 15 steps backwards, I said YES!!!! As he put the ring on my finger, he told me how much he loved me and I told him the same. After the hugging and kissing and all the lovey stuff, I looked at him dead serious and said - I have two questions 1.) Are we really getting married, or did I get a ring to shut me up?? and 2.) Who knows?


The answer to the first question was - Yes, we are really getting married. The answer to the second was - Only your (meaning my) dad knows. The tradional Italian came out in my loving fiance and he actually called my dad to ask him for his blessing how sweet is thathuh.gif?


The one part that I can't remember when it happened was actually about my ring, I've always wanted a pear shaped diamond, and that's what he got me. He said to me "see, I listen, it's a pear".. I just thought it was sweet becuase he actually listened, and we hadn't talked engagement/marriage in forever..... He picked the center stone by itself, and then the setting. And I have to say he did a wonderful job. But then again, he's a wonderful man...


(Can you see me smilinghuh.gif)

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