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Welcome Letter

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mine was actually pretty simple, I wrote:


Welcome to Costa Rica, We are glad you're Here


Welcome to Sun, Sand, and Relaxation

We are honored that you have traveled so far

to be a part of our wedding.

Enjoy the "goodies" included in this

Welcome Bag. They are just a small

token of our appreciation.

We hope the next few days will be as memorable

for you as it is for us.


Amos & Shelley

November 17, 2007

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Do a seach for welcome letters, that is how I found one there that Tammy (host) had written that was excellent. That one gave a great start.

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Mine was kind of short too because it was the first page of a monogrammed booklet I made that included detailed info (color maps, history of PV, health tips, sightseeing, shopping, emergency contacts, etc.)


I wrote:


Bienvenidos a Mexico! You made it!! Hopefully the trip down was a good one, now it's time to party.


Remember to drink lots of water and use your sunscreen - even if you never get burned. We are closer to the equator here and everyone is subject to skin damage. Wear a hat if you brought one or buy a festive hat in town.


We'll see you at 7:30 p.m. at our Welcome Dinner Friday, June 1st at Barcelona Tapas. The taxi drivers know where it is.


Don't forget to be on time for the wedding boat on Saturday at the Maritime Terminal - 4 p.m. Remember to bring the entry pass you receive at dinner Friday night. If you forget it there will be a nominal entry fee at the marina.


You are in one of the most romantic cities in all of Mexico. Take a moonlight stroll down a cobblestone street, shop along the Malecón, have luch alongside the Rio Cuale. Enjoy your stay :o)

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