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We have a million things going right now, hardly enough time to manage our day to day work... One important thing we have overlooked is PLANNING OUR OWN wedding... Dang, we are so behind... We have finally started a wedding website.


I wanted to share it here because we put some links and info that may be helpful to brides going to the Riviera Maya. Since it was written by the loco local Sol, it has some pretty rich content. You can also see some photos of us being dorks!


We welcome you to check us out! :) Visit our del Sol wedding website


We have also started a blog!!!!!!!!!!!! We write for 4 blogs now, and this one is all about our personal life. BUT, because our life is our love together and our love for traveling, we are going to document it! We enjoy making friends throughout the world and hooking up with them when we travel. Please drop us a comment there, let us know you visited!


thoughts on this blog are welcome! This baby is only in the beginning stages, but when it gets updated, you will see some craaaazy stuff! Please do drop by and check it out!

del sol wedding blog





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Thank you for sharing Matt! I love that you guys are being married by a Mayan Shaman and having a ritualistic Mayan wedding, that is so cool! I know your wedding will be awesome. smile159.gif

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We are starting to put things together, I wanted to have music in the website but it was too much to ask for a weekend project; Matt's father created the website and our new blog for personal stuff, it's a lot to do on a couple of days...


We don't have the links to our vendors yet, but we will put them on, and share all the details that might help other brides...


I'm in Atlanta, until probably november!... so all my planning is trought the internet, with the help of our wedding coordinator Yazmin de la Mora.


Matt is heading down to the RM on wednesday and he's going to go again to the wedding site, and look for more stuff that we need, like the cator for food and the music...


But I'm happy we are getting stuff done!...elefant.gif

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