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Heidi's Wedding Planning, Part 1!

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I anticipate this being quite long whenever I finally put it all together. But I have to start somewhere and sometime, so here we go!!


I had a LOT of fun designing all of these things. And I think I designed AT LEAST 10 different logos, only using 2 or 3 though!


First, our boarding pass STD's. Painstakingly cut out and stapled together. There were 3 pages stapled together. 2nd page had info about the resort, 3rd page had contact info for our TA and both of us. Here is the first page: http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i2...BDW/ticket.png


Then, we have our invitation. I wanted something very simple. It was designed in Word using the fonts Mutlu, Optimus Principus and Chopin Script (all available for free on dafont.com). Printed out and backed with green paper. Put in gold-foil envelope with website insert pictured below the invite.



Also include with the invitation and website insert was our RSVP post card. We ordered these online from VistaPrint, using a code for 100 free postcards.


The front of the RSVP:



The back of the RSVP:


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Way to get your wedding planning stuff all together in a blog! I still just love your madlib RSVP's so much. I would love to see what all the responses look like.

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