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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH I love the second pair of shoes!!


I love your location and your suite reception, it is going to be lovely.

I did notice that you seem to be a bit unsure of what goodies to include for favours etc, I had started looking for bits and bobs and found some brilliant Dice favour boxes -


Lucky in Love Dice Favor Boxes with Imprinted Ribbon


and I'm sure I've seen these Vegas name-card/photo holders on US sites but I am definately going to get some -


www.hastings-crystal.co.uk >> Weddings >> Wedding Place Card Holders >> Las Vegas Themed Place Card Holders Set Of 15 (Discount For Bulk)


For make-up and hair to treat your bridesmaid and the moms have you checked out Storybook Brides seem to get good reviews.


HTH xxx abby xxx

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I absolutely love everything you have here! I am strongly considering Vegas, as it seems the cheapest way to go. How many guest are you all expecting?? Please keep me posted, maybe I'll catch you on the knot.



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Thanks for the responses ladies!!


Thanks for the ideas FutureMrsFF! I'm thinking of personalized stemless wine glasses, coasters and wine corks. (i know its a lot but i want to give something "worthwhile" as a thank you for hauling your butt out to vegas for me gift)


I haven't heard of storybook brides but I'll check em out. I wanted to find a freelance makeup artist not affiliated with a big company though, but I'll look!


It's all so exciting!!

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