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  1. Wow I just happened to log on today! Nat - congratulations!!! Hope you're having a fabulous time in Mexico!! Would be great to see you ladies again! I'll try to log on more often to keep in touch
  2. Wow Natalie! I only saw one of the videos but it's amazing!! Sorta makes me wish I could go back and get video at our wedding So work has scheduled a dinner on Tues the 7th that I have to go to It's for my boss, otherwise I would've tried to get out of it. Any chance we could do the 9th or 14th instead?
  3. Jbean - my dress was an Ella Bridal...I think they're a sister company of essence of Australia. I loooved my dress it was perfect for the beach!! (and made me feel amazing) Star18 - I really recommend switching resorts for your honeymoon. When everyone left at the end of the week we were surprisingly bummed and had SO many great memories everywhere on the resort. Had we stayed I think we would have been reminiscing a lot. It was nice to get a fresh start at a new resort, treat ourselves and best of all make tons of new memories that are just ours I'm totally up for a meet up!! Tues the 7th actually works really well for me too. Is that the plan? Should we do Una Pizza again? It was tasty! Sorry I haven't been on here much, we get our new house on Friday and we've been swamped packing and getting ready!!
  4. Okay, lets see if this works... Wedding Day: Trash the Dress session:
  5. Hi ladies!!! Sorry for being MIA, it's been a crazy week back in the 'real world' Well the wedding was amazing!! Our whole trip was amazing! Things went really smoothly with the wedding. We (okay, I) had nothing to worry in terms of decorations or logistics or anything! And everything was gorgeous. I looooved Dreams Palm Beach, all our guests did. And our honeymoon resort, Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana, was breathtaking. To the ladies not yet married - I highly recommend going on a honeymoon right after the wedding. We only had 30 people with us, but it was so busy! We were always with people and trying to fit in time with everyone and the week totally flew by. It was nice to have a week of relaxation with just the two of us afterwards I felt a lot more rested and ready to come home. I'm going to try to do a separate post with a couple of photos. Our photog, HDC, was incredible! So easy and fun to work with, and we love our pictures! Our Trash the Dress session was SO much fun, so happy we did it! When are we going to meet up?? Does the week of the 30th work for anyone?
  6. Well ladies I'm taking off tomorrow!! We're overnighting in Montreal, then off to Punta Cana bright and early Saturday morning!! Our wedding is on Wednesday, May 4 at 5:30 p.m. (beach ceremony, banquet/poolside, can't quite decide, for cocktails/reception). We're going to Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana for 8 nights afterwards for our honeymoon and I'll be sure to come back afterwards and let you know how it all went! I know how many questions I had leading up to it, and the reviews/advice has been so helpful! See you in a couple weeks!!
  7. Thank you!!! Yes, we do leave tomorrow. Overnighting in Montreal, then off to Punta Cana bright and early Saturday morning! I am SO SO SO excited!! We'll be back on May 15, after 8 night of honeymooning! Woo! I'll post some pictures once we're back, but we should definitely all meet to catch up. Nat I can't wait to hear about your wedding! See you in a couple weeks!!
  8. OMG Nat that is adorable!!! Are you keep it hidden since it replicates your dress? Well ladies just 5 days till we leave, it's really start to hit home now that I spent the entire weekend packing for the trip. Didn't think we were bringing very much but somehow we've filled 3 suitcases with more to go! Off to check Westjet's baggage/weight limits...lol.
  9. Dreamsmaybride - I think we've decided to go with one song for the groomsmen/bridemaids (walking separately, but we only have 2 on each side so one song should be plenty) then one for me. We want to keep things simple and I don't want to stress about the transition and whether the right songs are playing. Re. Pastor Rick York, yes we modified his script significantly. We went with the less religious script, added in a different beginning (one I found on here actually) and changed some of the wording. He was really great about it, he didn't mind a bit about all our changes. I can't wait to meet him, he seems so nice! Decor - for the centerpieces we're bringing little lanterns with tea lights, turquoise and purple flower petals and seashells for the tables. We're also bringing turquoise chair sashes that we've rented here in Calgary. We also did OOT bags, favours (starfish bottle openers and seashell wine stoppers) and colourful straw fans for the ceremony since it's on the beach. But that's about it!
  10. Wow Natalie you look amazing!! And the bridesmaids dresses worked out so well! Gorgeous photos - I can't wait to hear all about your trip and the big day!! Did you do any excursions that you would recommend? And any tips/advice for Punta Cana in general? We leave in 11 days!! So excited!!
  11. What's everyone else done/planning to do for music before the ceremony? We're having a beach ceremony, and I can't decide how many songs I should have - one for the groomsmen, one for the bridesmaids, one for me? Or one for the groomsmen and bridesmaids, then one for me? I don't know how much time I need to fill...And are you/did you play music while guests were waiting for it to start?
  12. Linds - loooove your pictures!! You make such a cute couple and you looked beautiful Your resort was gorgeous too, made a great backdrop. Nat - I love your invites! Wow! I would love to see one next time we meet up! Star - my FI (er, hubby since yesterday LOL) is very slim and got his suit at Mexx. They have shirts and suits that are called slim fit and they fit him perfectly. There is even an outlet at Cross Iron, and we got his suit for $99! It's a really nice suit, and it's grey. I can't believe we leave in less than 3 weeks! Not much left to do now - we had our shower last weekend and yesterday we had our legal ceremony We're still wearing our rings today, lol. It's surprising how moving the ceremony was - even though it was only like 5 minutes. There were some tears, lots of laughter, it was fun and good practice for the 'real' thing in Punta Cana. It felt more real than I was expecting and now I just want the wedding to happen so I can really be married!
  13. Hi ladies! Just tying up a few loose ends, and then not much left to do before we leave! I can't believe we now have less than 3 weeks to go I'm SO excited!! My wedding coordinator used to be Melani, but now I have Mercy and I got a really nice email from her assuring me they have all my information and it will be a wonderful day. She will be sending us our spreadsheet next week with our details. One outstanding question I have is - do you know if we can book our hair and makeup appointments before we arrive? If so, do we book them with the wedding coordinator or with the salon?
  14. Hi ladies! We're getting married May 4, but we did our legal ceremony yesterday Last week we had our shower, and the bachelor/bachelorette parties were a few weeks ago. We don't have much left to do, my mom and I are putting together the survival kits for the OOT bags next week, I also have to pick up my dress next week (had the bustle added) and we need to finalize our wedding music. Other than that, just the little things left like pedi, hair cut, wax, etc. It's so nice to be nearly done! I'm really getting to the point where I just want to be married, on vacation, and done with the planning. I don't know how people do this for more than a year! lol
  15. Can't wait! Westjet cancelled a few of our return flights today so I'm needing a vent with brides who understand the hassles of wedding travel! Lol oh and that glass of wine should help See you at 6!
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