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Catalonia Playa Maroma Brides?

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I do believe there are only 2 of us here....lol So we will have to learn from each other.


Post anything you can find on this resort. I'll post what info I have.


It's not in much but here are a couple of their fees:


Outside Photog - $45

Private Cocktail (after beach ceremony) - $7 per person


I attached their photog prices, video prices and their weekly activities.

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Hi Mischaka,

Looks like no one else replied, so it must just be us 2.


I'm a little nervous that this resort isn't as popular for weddings - so I hope everything turns out OK.

I wasn't able to download your attachments. I think I have the video/photo package info but not the excel file you posted. Can you paste the info on a post instead of attachment?


Do you think you will use their photographer, or are you going to use an outside one? I think I may do an outside photog -- not sure who they use but want to be sure it is someone who has a lot of experience w/ wedding photos since it is a one time event!


I've been dealing w/ Eduardo (I think you mentioned you were dealing w/ Laura). All my e-mails go to the main address & Eduardo is the one that keeps responding.

I asked him for an estimated timeline for the wedding/reception/etc and if he could provide pictures of past weddings there. He didn't answer about the pictures of past weddings. He is very nice...but he only partially answers my questions. (another reason why I'm a little nervous -- not sure how many weddings they do and they don't seem as seasoned as Elena at the Riviera Maya location in PDC).


Since we are getting married on 10/10/10 we decided to have the ceremony at 10AM to keep going with the "10" thing. (hope I don't regret not having it at sunset).


Anyways....here is what Eduardo responded when I asked about timeline. A little vague but I thought I'd pass it along in case it may help you with your planning. I was looking more for specific timeframe so I could determine how many hours I would need an outside photographer if I wanted to use one. I'll try asking again cheesy.gif


From Eduardo:

"I was thinking to set up everything on the beach, (wedding ceremony). Then will be a cocktail which will be with mariachis playing Mexican music 45 minutes, on the beach. (right after the wedding ceremony) All you family and friends can enjoy it and you will be a short time there because after you are going with the photographer and take pictures around the hotel. For dinner we can just set up the Italian or the Mexican (included) but if you like something different (depend how many people you are, "30 persons minimum") you will get a private dinner at the Terrace restaurant. Surf and turf menu, (extra cost). What do you have on mind. Please let me know and we will do our best."


I'm going to ask again if they have any pictures of actual weddings there -- if I get anything, I'll share hug2.gif


Sorry for the long post..but wanted to share since we seem to be the only to CPM brides right now.


See ya,


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Hi Ladies,

I have been looking at this resort for our wedding but am skeptical because of the lack of info and pictures on the internet. I to have only recieved emails back from Eduardo (he told me he has taken over the wedding stuff for now).


if you have recieved any wedding packages/photos and would be willing to share that would be awsome. the reviews are mixed for the resort on trip advisor, but everyone says how lovely the beach is (that is what we are looking for). I would go to the Catalonia Riviera Maya however i hate the look of the wedding tent.




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I've actually changed my resort. It was bothering me too much with the lack of info I found on this.

I still have some info on this if you want it just let me know and i'll send it. Before the forum change there were attachments. I even have a few additional ones.

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Mischaka - Darn, now I'm all alonesad.gif  which resort did you end up switching to?  Just curious.  Sure I'll take any info you can share just in case I don't have it.


mwhite -

Hi, I also was nervous about tripadvisor reviews & still am a little...but they also have mixed reviews about the Catalonia Royal Tulum - and I went there last year and it was a fabulous place.  So, I'm trying not to get too worked up about it.  It seems like most resorts I've been to have mixed reviews on tripadvisor and end up being totally fine.  I guess it depends on whether the person used to the Ritz Carlton type hotel, or the Hilton or Ramada. wink.gif

Eduardo did confirm to me that they don't use the tent....and I'm trying to see if I can get some pictures.  If I get anything I'll let you know.


This place was on our short list but ended up being our final choice because they were the only ones who were available for doing a legal ceremony on 10/10/10 (most of the resorts won't do legal on Sunday because it is harder to get the judge).  We had been contemplating changing our date, but then when they said they were able to do it, we took it as a sign (hope it was a good call!).  We are having a very small wedding so I'm not doing anything too over-the-top...(I just don't want it to look cheesy or cheap!)  


I'll keep sharing info as I get it!



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I'm going to have mine at NOW Jade Riviera Cancun. It's a little higher for the guests but it makes me feel better that there is so much info about it. And their wedding packages make me feel better too. But let me try to attached the info I have.







Here some pics of a wedding there.














And here are some prices for the setup and lighting.





PROGRAMA semanal de actividades nuevo.xls







Wedding Quote Feb 10 2011.pdf

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tfidely ,


I'm thinking about choosing this resort for my wedding next year. I love the beach, it's not to big and close to the airport, and the price is middle of the road for my guests. Do you have anymore info on it? I'm wondering if they have any other locations besides the beach to get married? It's not a big deal, just that my mother is in a wheelchair so it's kinda hard to get her out there.

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Hi Kara,

I'm getting married at CPM in October.   

I've been dealing w/ Eduardo.  He is very nice and they seem to be very accomodating so far.  Basically asked what I had in mind and they would do their best to make it happen. 


So, if you do need to have it in another area besides the beach, I'm sure they would try to work something out.  I had asked about other areas in the event of rain (Oct is their rainy season) and they mentioned possible back-up of 'thematic restaurant or even same restaurant where you will have the dinner'

You can contact them to find out for sure: playamaroma.rrpp@hoteles-catalonia.es


I was nervous at first because there aren't too many people choosing this location -- but that may turn out to be a good thing if it means more personalized service.


if you go to ilgruppodigitale.com you can see some pictures of a past wedding at the location.  It is on the beach, but it will give you an idea.

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Hi Michelle

I was just wondering if you had gotten any more info from Eduardo regarding the wedding ceremony site, any photos, or have any info regarding the wedding packages.


We are really interested in this resort because of the fabulous beach, but there is hardly any info on the net about the weddings taking place.


What made you decide on this resort, rather than going back to the Royal Tulum, or the Cat Yucatan?


any other info you have would be great, considering you seem to be the only one on this site going to this resort for their wedding!!!


thanks for your info,

michelle White

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hi again,

so today I got an email back from Eduardo with wedding pictures. The beach looks beautiful, but it looks like the staff are the ones in the photos!!!boda resolucion05 ar.jpg


Boda resolucion13.jpg


boda resolucion 07 ar.jpg

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