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  1. Hi Stylishbride! My wedding at CPM is right around the corner on 10/10/10....I'll try to post some pics once I have them. Eduardo never could provide examples of photos from the hotel photographer -- he just said 'their professional'. I didn't like not being able to see examples. We are using Octavio Montes. There weren't many photogs available on my date and he was the most reasonable. So far I'm pretty happy with him because he agreed to split up our time and take pictures in the morning at the ceremony and some at sunset (we booked him for several hours) -- we are also discussing going offsite to either jungle/cenote after the ceremony to get more interesting pics....so far he has been very pleasant and accommodating to deal with. We are using the hotel videographer -- so fingers crossed that they will be OK! Â My ceremony is at 10AM (to keep going with the 10/10/10 theme!) but other than that still working out the itinerary w/ Eduardo. We chose not to do the private cocktail since we are having only ~10 guests. We are doing just the dinner included in the package. The only 'extra' thing we've added so far is to have a mariachi after the ceremony. Â The one area where I'm pretty frustrated with the process is on the flowers. Eduardo didn't provide potential options (that are included in the package) -- I sent him example pictures and it took awhile for him to provide answers back with price quotes. Turns out having lillies is pretty expensive -- the pacakage only includes roses...which he only told me AFTER the fact. So, I've now decided just to stick with roses and sent him examples of the type/color I want. Now I'm waiting for him to come back and tell me if they are available. Â I think it will definitely be easier to iron out some of this stuff once we get there -- we arrive at CPM a week before our actual wedding date.
  2. Hi mwhite, I didn't get any pictures from Eduardo -- I looked at the ones Mishaka provided. A couple of hers were the same as the ones you received. They put my mind at ease so I stopped asking Eduardo. Â I asked him for examples of photos for the photographer they offer on their package -- but he said he didn't have any but that they were professional. We decided to go w/ someone else since I couldn't see examples and their packages didn't seem that great. We might use the hotel photogs for a couple hours near sunset since our wedding is at 10 in the morning (we only booked our photog - Octavio Montes - for 6 hours which only puts us at mid-afternoon). Â If you want to see more pics of a wedding there, check out ilgruppodigitale.com. This was the group listed on the video packages form -- they have some pics on their site of a wedding there. Â We chose CPM because it was a reasonable price range for guests, fabulous beach, and we had a good experience at the Tulum location so I trusted that how it was represented would fit our expectations (we are pretty simple so we weren't looking for the Ritz...just a great location, clean, basic ammenities). Also, it was one of the only locations where we could actually have a legal wedding on Sunday (we had our hearts set on 10/10/10!). Â I'm in the process of tieing out all the details w/ Eduardo. I tried asking him specific questions like what flowers are part of the package, what time to have reception, etc...and he sent me a form to fill out. Very basic form. So, I'm getting the impression that I basically have to tell him everything I want & he'll work to make it happen. The problem is it is so hard to pick out all these details -- I'm too indecisive!! Â Â Â INTERVIEW FORMAT ENG.xlsx
  3. Hi Kara, I'm getting married at CPM in October. I've been dealing w/ Eduardo. He is very nice and they seem to be very accomodating so far. Basically asked what I had in mind and they would do their best to make it happen. So, if you do need to have it in another area besides the beach, I'm sure they would try to work something out. I had asked about other areas in the event of rain (Oct is their rainy season) and they mentioned possible back-up of 'thematic restaurant or even same restaurant where you will have the dinner' You can contact them to find out for sure: playamaroma.rrpp@hoteles-catalonia.es I was nervous at first because there aren't too many people choosing this location -- but that may turn out to be a good thing if it means more personalized service. if you go to ilgruppodigitale.com you can see some pictures of a past wedding at the location. It is on the beach, but it will give you an idea.
  4. Hey Bride Loving CJ, I'm also on 10/10/10 at 10AM...guess we both really went for the 10 theme!
  5. I like the full shape of #1 on you - it looks amazing on your figure! I like the top of #2, but bottom is a little plain (I actually saw this online & was thinking of trying it on).
  6. I was having this debate too but finally decided on morning. I'm getting married on 10-10-10 and a friend recommended 10AM to keep in line w/ the whole ten thing. So, I figured might as well! I probably would have still been debating if I hadn't followed her advice
  7. Hi MrsGP2be....my wedding is right around the same time as yours..I'm on 10/10/10. Woohoo October 2010 brides! I wanted to have mine at CRT but I thought I was having some minors in attendance so I chose CPM (Playa Maroma)...turns out the minors won't be attending so I could have chosen CRT all along! I vacationed at CRT last year and loved it!!!!!!!!!! are you using their photographers or an outside photog? Did Jacqueline give you details on the ceremony set up on the beach or give you pics? I'm just curious since most pictures online are of the CRM white tent. CPM confirmed they don't use the tent (they use an arch) but I've asked for pics and haven't been able to get any. So, I was just curious what CRT used. Both CRT & CPM don't seem to be as popular for weddings as CRM so it is like an adventure digging for info/pics online!
  8. Mischaka - Darn, now I'm all alone which resort did you end up switching to? Just curious. Sure I'll take any info you can share just in case I don't have it. mwhite - Hi, I also was nervous about tripadvisor reviews & still am a little...but they also have mixed reviews about the Catalonia Royal Tulum - and I went there last year and it was a fabulous place. So, I'm trying not to get too worked up about it. It seems like most resorts I've been to have mixed reviews on tripadvisor and end up being totally fine. I guess it depends on whether the person used to the Ritz Carlton type hotel, or the Hilton or Ramada. Eduardo did confirm to me that they don't use the tent....and I'm trying to see if I can get some pictures. If I get anything I'll let you know. This place was on our short list but ended up being our final choice because they were the only ones who were available for doing a legal ceremony on 10/10/10 (most of the resorts won't do legal on Sunday because it is harder to get the judge). We had been contemplating changing our date, but then when they said they were able to do it, we took it as a sign (hope it was a good call!). We are having a very small wedding so I'm not doing anything too over-the-top...(I just don't want it to look cheesy or cheap!) I'll keep sharing info as I get it! Thanks, Michelle
  9. Hi Mischaka, Looks like no one else replied, so it must just be us 2. I'm a little nervous that this resort isn't as popular for weddings - so I hope everything turns out OK. I wasn't able to download your attachments. I think I have the video/photo package info but not the excel file you posted. Can you paste the info on a post instead of attachment? Do you think you will use their photographer, or are you going to use an outside one? I think I may do an outside photog -- not sure who they use but want to be sure it is someone who has a lot of experience w/ wedding photos since it is a one time event! I've been dealing w/ Eduardo (I think you mentioned you were dealing w/ Laura). All my e-mails go to the main address & Eduardo is the one that keeps responding. I asked him for an estimated timeline for the wedding/reception/etc and if he could provide pictures of past weddings there. He didn't answer about the pictures of past weddings. He is very nice...but he only partially answers my questions. (another reason why I'm a little nervous -- not sure how many weddings they do and they don't seem as seasoned as Elena at the Riviera Maya location in PDC). Since we are getting married on 10/10/10 we decided to have the ceremony at 10AM to keep going with the "10" thing. (hope I don't regret not having it at sunset). Anyways....here is what Eduardo responded when I asked about timeline. A little vague but I thought I'd pass it along in case it may help you with your planning. I was looking more for specific timeframe so I could determine how many hours I would need an outside photographer if I wanted to use one. I'll try asking again From Eduardo: "I was thinking to set up everything on the beach, (wedding ceremony). Then will be a cocktail which will be with mariachis playing Mexican music 45 minutes, on the beach. (right after the wedding ceremony) All you family and friends can enjoy it and you will be a short time there because after you are going with the photographer and take pictures around the hotel. For dinner we can just set up the Italian or the Mexican (included) but if you like something different (depend how many people you are, "30 persons minimum") you will get a private dinner at the Terrace restaurant. Surf and turf menu, (extra cost). What do you have on mind. Please let me know and we will do our best." I'm going to ask again if they have any pictures of actual weddings there -- if I get anything, I'll share Sorry for the long post..but wanted to share since we seem to be the only to CPM brides right now. See ya, Michelle
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Mischaka OMG!!!! I want to hug you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will have to become the best of friends!!! lol And since you are going have yours months before me I will need you take extra pics!!!! Have you seen their fan page on facebook They have a few and it does look nice but no wedding pics. Who have you been in contact with at the resort?? i have been in contact with Laura....and she's pretty nice and she gets back to me pretty fast considering my wedding is so far away. First I was dealing with Laura and then a week or so ago Eduardo started to reply to my e-mails -- so now not sure who I'm dealing with But at least someone is responding (and responding quickly)!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Mischaka I just received a price list for them. And they are very reasonably priced!! Your pics are so beautiful!!! I guess i'm going to have to interact with you ladies since i'm the ONLY one getting married at the Playa Maroma. lol Hi Mischaka -- No fear...you are not alone! I've also chosen Playa Maroma location for my wedding. Finally narrowed it down last week -- and it looks like I'm confirmed for my date: 10/10/10. I'm a little nervous too since there seem to be no posts posts about this location.
  12. Hello, I vacationed at CRT last year for about a week in July. It was my first time to Riviera Maya area. (had been to Cancun only once before that; about 10 years before during Spring Break - totally different vibe). I LOVED the Cat. I would have my wedding there if I wasn't have a few under 18 attendees (since it is adults only). I'm looking into one of their other RM locations (but it looks like my date may not be available so I'm kind of bummed!) Very laid back atmosphere & wasn't very busy (but we did go during summer so not sure if that is why). We actually ran into Kareem Abdul Jabar there - which made for a fun story. I'm sure a wedding there would be very lovely. The staff was very friendly and accomodating. Food/drink was good (your basic for an all inclusive, not necessarily 5 star, but not horrible either). Rooms were also basic, but nice/clean. Beds a little hard. The grounds were very well taken care of & beautiful. If you are used to Ritz Carlton, this may not be the place for you. But if you typically stay at the basic hotel chains like Hilton/Ramada, then you will like this place. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a basic all-inclusive, adults only in an affordable price range.
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