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  1. Welcome back Jaccat and cheerleader!! Are you still daydreaming from the wedding and the stay at SMB?! I sure was for like 2 weeks after I got back I do have some pictures from my wedding on fb too, so you can friend me on fb - Rie Matsukawa Harton
  2. Hi Ladies, I finally posted my long review on my wedding at SMB. It took me a while to figure out where I need to post my review since they changed the whole review section. Here is the link to it! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/secrets-maroma-beach-resort/reviews#3957 Jaccat15, have a wonderful wedding and stay at SMB!!
  3. We originally asked for a room for groom to get ready, but since his brother was staying in a room all by himself, my hubby ended up getting ready there. Cecilia did say she needs to check the availability and she couldn't confirm this during our final meeting. If hotel isn't full capacity and it isn't usually around this time of the year, they should give you a room no problem. But I felt like there is a disconnect between reservation group, restaurant managers, and the wedding team. Whenever Cecilia has to get other group to get involved for the wedding, it's more hassle and she needs to get approval from them and she doesn't have authority to just do it. This is something they can improve on. 9 Days?! I know how you feel!! Good luck, everything will go just fine!!
  4. Thanks Simister. I drafted my reviews, but the existing wedding review section is closed for all new reviews.. So I'm trying to learn how to post my review, but I think I'd need to add new vendors and post my review there. And for Cecilia Dumas, I have to create another review separately.... Anyway, I will try to figure this out asap.
  5. I feel you on this!! It is your day and if they are good friends to you, they will cater to your needs, not theirs. Throughout the planning of my wedding, I found out who's real friends and who are not. It was a good learning process for me.
  6. If you know the makeup artist at the resort is good or can bring in a make up artist from back home, having professional is less stressful and you will get what you paid for. But when you can't trust the resort make-up artist or can't afford to bring the professional from back home, doing your own make up gives you flexibility and you can make it the way you want it especially if you are picky.
  7. Here is a pic of me. Also, I used MAC mat gel before I put Temptu foundation on to smooth out pores and imperfection on my face. I forgot to put that on my list.
  8. Here are couple more pics in the hacienda. It is dirty, but it looks really romantic in the pictures.
  9. Thank you Boo! 1. That's what I heard too about the once private residence. But no sign of reconstruction at all. 2. Yes, it was pretty dirty, but you can't see it in the pictures. Here are a couple of our pics taken in the hacienda. They were taken around 6:30 so it was getting really dark out.
  10. Resort was not full at all. The weather was kind of bad up until the day after our wedding day... There was a tropical storm near so it was rainy and it stops but overcast and then it starts again. It did rain on our wedding day, so we had to move from Gazebo to the entrance to the theater. They have two options for the rain, one upstairs which is completely inside and the other is the entrance to the theater. I still wanted the tropical outside feel for our wedding ceremony so we chose the entrance to the theater. It worked out well in the end. It stopped raining right before our ceremony, so we were able to take pics outside, by the beach, and in the hacienda.
  11. Hi jaccat15, to answer to your questions, we had the basic free package, so we didn't do a private reception. We did it at Oceana Restaurant. There is an area in the restaurant that is in the middle of the restaurant, but it's two steps up from the rest of the area so has a little bit of separation from other people, so we strongly requested that we have that area all to ourselves. We wanted to have one big table, not two separate tables because that would be a little awkward especially we only have 10 wedding party. We had to fight for that a bit since we got a lot of push back from Cecilia, Lety, and Daniel (their wedding team). But in the end, they made it happen. We just ordered off of their menu, we didn't have a set menu. Since we only had 10 of us, and this is an all-inclusive resort. so I didn't want to pay extra for the food. I read somewhere that you are doing a bonfire the night before? That would be super nice. I should have planned that. The beach at night is so beautiful and calm and with the fire and great music, that would have been a great event. I will post some pictures soon!
  12. Hi ladies, I just got back from my wedding and I did do my own makeup using Temptu airbrushing. It turned out great! I used highlighter color Bronze to use as a bronzer because few days before my wedding I got a good tan on the beach, so the foundation color was a little too light, but the bronzer really did the trick. I will upload some close-up pictures when I get home tonight, but here are the list of what I used: Face: Temptu airbrushing system - foundation (natural), blush (sheer berry 404), highlighter (Copper) for undereye, highlighter (Bronze) as a bronzer. MAC pressed power for a matt finish (the make up artist at Sephora actually told me to use loose powder such as makeup foever white loose powder, but I didn't want the finish to be too white and too mat, so I used MAC pressed power. Eye: Urban Decay primer potion MAC eyeshadows Loreal HIP black eyeliner in a jar (This is a great buy! Waterproof all the way!!) smashbox eyebrow powder Clinique undereye concealer Lash: I got eyelash extension called Eva Lash (combination of 10mm and 12 mm) at a local salon here in DC. It was really uncomfortable first but I got used to it after a couple days and it looked great in the picture. I paid $59 for it, I think it's well worth it if you don't have thick eye lashes. Much more natural looking than fake lash you put on yourself. Lip: Tokidoki Lip Stain Smashbox lip gloss Will add some pictures soon!
  13. Hi Ladies!! I just got back from my wedding at SMB last week. I haven't had the time to write a full review but we had a blast and Cecilia did an amazing job for our wedding. I will try my best to write a detailed review in a next week or so, but in the meantime, feel free to ask me any questions!
  14. There's tons of makeup tutorial videos on you tube. Check out Makeupgeek and fafinette3x or something like that ... don't know exact spell..
  15. I am doing my own makeup too! Like Rosieposie said, no one knows your face better than you and I am asian also and I just do not trust a resort makeup artist. Â So I did spent fortune on makeup products... Starting from buying Temptu Airbrushing Device from Sephora.... I kind of rationalized that that was also a birthday gift to myself.... I also went to MAC and bought a couple brushes, eye shadows, etc. My wedding is about a week away and I still have to do some practice run before I leave on Wednesday!!
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