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  1. Rashel is booked for my wedding date! Do you all know of anyone else?? There has to be someone else who is just as good who does airbrushing??!!! Please help!! Wedding is in August!!! I'm starting to stress.
  2. Hey girls!!! I too have decided to bring my own decor since the resort prices were just too high. Here are some other good websites for affordable things to spicen up your reception: elegantperspectives.com efavormart.com linentablecloth.com weddinglinensdirect.com Good luck!!
  3. Hi Girls, Here's an idea for ya. You can setup a completely free honeymoon registry with Marriott. You can add things like your lodging, breakfast, spa, wine, etc. Go to the website below, set it up and you're ready to go. Its completely free! No fees like the wishing well sites or other honeymoon registry sites, etc. They even give you 100 free Marriott gift registry cards. Marriott will send you a gift card or cards for the amount that people donate. You can use it whenever, or wherever you decide to go for your honeymoon since there are Marriott's everywhere! AWESOME! https://www.marriottregistry.com/
  4. We too have gotten several questions asking where we're registered. We chose not to do the wishing well sites or honeyfund.com because of all the fees associated with it. People lose money just by making a donation b/c of the fees. And then I think it would charge us a fee at the end to withdraw the funds donated. That's a waste of $$! They'd be better off giving you a check b/c it would be dollar for dollar. So we decided to register with Marriott for our honeymoon! https://www.marriottregistry.com/ Its completely free! No fees for anyone! You can add different types of services too that people can donate against. (your room, spa, wine, etc). You also get 100 free registry cards! People just go to your website once you set it up and its done. Marriott will simply send you a gift card(s) with the amount of money that is donated. Easy! Then you can use it whenever, wherever you like for your honeymoon b/c there are Marriotts everywhere! We also struggled with how to put this info in our invitation and decided to word it like this, which sounds nice and you don't come off sounding greedy: Registry For those of you traveling with us, your presence at the wedding is the best gift we could ask for! We thank you for joining us on our special day and we don’t take it for granted, especially in these tough economic times! Due to inquiries we have received from those unable to attend, we have registered with Marriott for honeymoon services for your convenience. Please see link below. (INCLUDE LINK HERE)
  5. Tell her its YOUR day and to back off! If you don't want a lot of people, then so be it! That angers me that she's sabatoging what you want! I would do it how you want and send out your own invitations for whatever and wherever you like! Hang in there sista!
  6. We are DEFINITELY sending out an Evite for our AHR. Its free, quick and easy! Everybody has an email address these days so why waste time asking everyone for their home address and spend hours doing mail out invitations and spend money on stamps! Plus, most people wont rsvp on time anyways and you will still have to ask them if they're coming or not. Why go through that?! Evite will send out reminders for those who haven't responded and you literally wont have to touch the invitations again since it will send you a count of those who have rsvp'ed or not. AWESOME!! You would have had your wedding already so why waste money on invitations
  7. Since we too are doing a destination wedding, we have decided to have our honeymoon 2 weeks afterwards so that we can rest from all of the stress of the wedding. That way we can enjoy our honeymoon even more and won't be so tired! Our AHR (aka Wedding Celebration), will be a BBQ/picnic at a park 2 weeks after that. We felt like it was more stressful to have everything back to back!
  8. Thanks for starting this thread! I was sad to not see any conversations anywhere regarding this resort and future Secrets Brides. I hope to get married there next year!! The wedding coordinators are very helpful! Be sure to check out Secrets Facebook page. Lots of people have nothing but good things to say. The staff is awesome from what everyone has posted. Great resort, great decor, fun staff and activities, good food and beautiful sites for destination weddings www.secretsresorts.com (St James or the Wild Orchid locations share the same property in Montego Bay, Jamaica, They're just on opposite ends.) Happy Planning girls!
  9. Hi Ladies! My cousin got married at Secrets Maroma Beach last month and LOVED it!! She had nothing but great things to say and her pics were a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! The resort is so nice, everything ran smoothly, they were flexible in the options that she wanted and she had nothing bad to say!! Happy Planning!!
  10. St Thomas is one of my (3) choices too that I've been gathering information from. The wedding package prices that I've seen aren't too bad, but the hotel rates everywhere were just too high!! We loved the Wyndham, but paying $400-$600/night is NOT an option for us or our guests. I mean, cmon. The hotel is nice, but not that nice! Especially when the Ritz Carlton - Rose Hall in Jamaica is $179/night. I'm just saying
  11. @MarieSamSanchez - We went on the Carnival Victory back in September too! That's the best cruise ever! 6 islands in 7 days!! AMAZING! (St Thomas, Barbados, Dominica, St Lucia, St Kitts & Maarten) - who can beat that!! I even saw prices as low as $299 for Interior rooms! Just to give future brides an idea of how affordable this option could be!! Happy Planning yall!
  12. Great review!! Thanks for the information and pictures. My cousin just got married at Secrets Maroma Beach last month and freaking loved everything about it!! She said everything went great and she wouldn't have changed a thing! And her photos are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! These postings are so helpful to future brides I hope to get married at Secrets too! (probably the Montego Bay location sometime next year) Happy Planning to all!!!
  13. @bride2bdebbie - Venting is great! You have your BDW family to back you up! @june11bride - That's AWESOME that you are booking a destination wedding! You go girl! Flying is the best! And you're going to 2 fabulous destinations!! I love these forums.
  14. Hi girls, I saw online that the bride & groom and 80% of their guests have to stay at the hotel or it is cancelled. How does this work when you dont really know how many guests will actually come? I see so many people booking these resorts. Can someone please explain this to me?
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