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  1. Thanks i looked it up its exactly what he was looking for:)
  2. Thank you so much for your response.. I cant wait to see your pictures:) what would you say about the beaches i have read mixed reviews:/
  3. Hi ladies, I was originally going to have my small wedding in Key West then since we where going on a cruise we thought maybe St.Thomas might be easier BUT now we are back to key west because this way a couple of are close relatives that want to join us but cant cruise could be there... Plus! we really wanted Key West to begin with so now i need to figure out what WC i am going to use i have been looking at weddings to go key west has anybody used them? also find a nice hotel for anyone that will join us and us as well, and we are not planing on having a big reception but wanted a place to have dinner and drinks since it wont be that many of us....Any Suggestions???? Thanks in advance..
  4. Okay, so here is THE DRESS with me in it. It was pinned b/c it was the sample dress and a bit too big. so hopefully, it will fit me better once it's altered. I'm planning on wearing my hair up and long dangle earrings. wow what a beautiful dress it looks great
  5. Love your thread everything looks beautiful congrats..I have one question what website did you get your hubby's ring me and my fiance are looking for are bands and he wants something like that...it's beautiful... thanks in advance....
  6. Sounds great congrats i cant wait to see the pics Thanks for the info...
  7. thanks for the advise girls still debating but your comments help..lol i will let you girls know what i decide... and to @tifidely- that is very cute i love the 10-10-10-10 its a very luck date and time...that's one of my favorite days it my daughter birthday..
  8. Thanks for posting thread because i had this on my mind as well and reading every bodies thoughts on it was nice.. In my case i am thinking about doing it at home first as well for a lot of reasons...I am glad to hear your going to stay strong and do it the way it makes you happy...Hey like my FI says when i say my vowels to you and you to me is when its official and special... I hope you have a great wedding!!!
  9. I cant decide I want the Sunset Pics But i love the bright colors of the beach in the morning as well what to do.... Any Body got any advise that has had a wedding already or is a photographer when is the best time???
  10. Yeah i am going back and fourth about that myself i am thinking Carnival liberty as of right know...let see:)
  11. Got a quote today from both RC and Carnival i cant decided RC was more expensive but my question? is it worth the extra money being that its such a special day? What to do??
  12. Hi no not yet i cant wait till i do...so i can put down the deposit it will give me peace of mind i am thinking right know it might be the carnival freedom its the only one going where i want to go at the time i want to go.. have you chosen a cruise? are you getting married through the cruise or using someone on the islands?
  13. Congrats!! I am a st.Thomas bride myself love the date its my daughters birthday..lol so i wish you all the best in your planning and your day.. Good luck..
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