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  1. I got married on June 22nd it went really well. I'll write my review soon!
  2. Thank you so much for your advise. I feel much better going with what my package offers.
  3. My wedding is June 22nd. I just started writing up my contract with Ana. What helped me is knowing what my package didn't include. then I decided if I was willing to bring it down to save money. I taking down my own centerpieces (got 5 for $65 they wanted to charge $65 per centerpiece), chair sashes (.69 a sash online they wanted to charge $5) , and bridesmaid flowers($12 for two at Michales,they wanted to charge $65 per bouquet) to save money. I'm paying extra for the DJ- 4 hours, pictures, corsages and boutonnieres. I think if you understand really well what your package includes and budget for it you'll be fine. Don't worry! Quote: Originally Posted by irishdonna I'm getting the divine package and was just planning on using the flowers incl in the package, is anyone else doing this? It seems like everyone is using outside vendors. I Don't plan on doing much add ons with the package and was wondering if anyone could tell me what is good to add on because i'm seriously horrible at this type of stuff =( I'm bringing my friend who is my photographer so they are giving me extra DJ time for the swap. Also, i'm getting married december 2nd, i have my dress and i think i know what colors i want...i have the wedding package and spot saved but thats it! Am i behind in planning? should i be panic mode? lol like i said, i'm horribe at this =S
  4. Hi Ladies- Does anyone have any money saving tips or advise when it comes to using the resort photographer? I'm going with the middle wedding package. It includes one hour of photo time. Each additional hour is $99. I'm trying to decide if I want to pay the extra time? I do want a CD of pictuers so that I can make my own wedding album and video when I get back. Any advise for previous brides is helpful!
  5. I need help with my timeline of events. I'm getting married on June 21st. Sunset is suppose to be at 7:30ish. What time shoud I start the ceremony? I was thinking 6:30, but my FI thinks that's to late. I'm worried if we start any sooner it's going to be HOT and the sun will be to bright for his eyes.
  6. JcPenny has Lien look pants $38.00 on sale. We bought the whole suit for $130. Let me know if you need the link.
  7. I stayed at NH Real Arean in Punta Cana in Feb. Is that the place you are talking about getting married at? Let me know if you any info or feedback if it is. I'm getting married at NOW Jade June 22nd.
  8. Good idea! I don't think I'll have the time you do since I only have one day before the wedding. I'm going to Hobby Lobby today to see if I can find some really nice silk flowers for my centerpieces. I'm thinking about doing a low square vase with 4-5 large flowers in it. I'll get a quote from Ana on renting vases.
  9. Thanks! I tried she came back saying she isn't charging me an extra $200 for the food. (whatever that means) Ana hasn't sent me a contract for me to know what's she talking about. I asked if she would like to buy the ties back from me, I haven't hear back yet. If they won't move them or buy them from me I will either have a friend move the chairs or I will only have chair ties for the the ceremony.
  10. Thanks for the info. How cool would if be if we could do site to store shopping on Wal-Marts website so our stuff could be in the store when we got there!? I checked from what I could tell they don't offer it for the stores in Mexico. I'm going to check out Hobby Lobby this weekend for flowers and centerpiece ides.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! That's a good idea, but how do you know they will have the flowers and vases you need in Playa? Have you been recently and know what stores they have? I wonder what cab ride to Playa cost? I was going to bring down enough chair ties for the ceremony and then have them move the chairs into the reception during the hour cocktails. Ana told me they will charge $1 per chair to move them if I want to do that. What a joke!
  12. Hi everyone I'm back and caught up on all the info, thanks! I'll be at Now Jade from June 20th-27th. I'm getting married on the 22nd at 5pm. Are any of you doing silk or real touch flowers or making their own for your bridesmaids? I got a quote of $65 per SMALL bouquet from Ana. I'm going to look around and Michaels and Hobby Lobby to see how the silk flowers look. They also quoted me $65 per small centerpiece. I know a lot of you are taking your own down. What did you decide on? I've read how packing it all can be an issue. What if I used my bridesmaid bouquets for my centerpieces and have rose petals and clear crystals around the centerpiece? To simple? I will have 5-6 round tables. Any pointers are great thanks for helping!!!!
  13. Â There are white chairs you can rent that do not require chair covers like the brown ones shown on the website. If you want the white chairs they are $9 if you want the brown they are $7 plus tax per chair. A couple of pages back I listed the price with pictures. I think it was on page 30 something in this thread. If you are ok with just white chair covers it's not additional to the cost of your wedding package.
  14. Pilar told me the brown chairs are $7 plus tax and the white chairs are $9 per chair plus tax. I'm thinking going with either the white or brown chairs rather than using the chair covers myself. Â
  15. Â I was torn too. Did you look at traveler pictures on www.tripadvisor.com ? I don't pay much attention to the reviews on there, I just look at the pictures. I decided on NOW Jade because it's much closer for my guests to the airport. Not everyone will stay the full 7 days like us. I also like the two infinity pools at NOW Jade. I have one guest who can't make it to the beach due to being in a wheel chair. Â
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