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  1. Hi Starfish, As of yet we have not heard back from the WC or our TA. we are waiting to here back if we can get our 200 wedding deposit back. With sunwing, they were willing to give us (bride and groom) back $100 bucks, since the resort is running as usual. Thankfully none of our invited guests had put down their deposit, so we didn't have to worry about that. sorry that i can't help any more than that. good luck with your fight to get some money back. I was told by some relatives that if you, or your guests, booked by Credit card you can go through them to see if they will reimburse you the money you lost with Sunwing. I was told AMEX and maybe Visa do this. we haven't tried this route yet. MWhite
  2. Hi all, we got an email back yesterday from our Travel Agent saying that Sunwing is not willing to give us our full deposit back (for the Grand Sunset Princess) because the resort is open in full swing. Even though tragedy struck on the Rivieria side they are not considering themselves to be in danger on the sunset side. In good spirits we were offered only $100 back from Sunwing because of the explosion that happened at the resort. We have still not heard back from the wedding cordinator as to if we can get our $200 deposit back for the wedding either. has anyone else had issues with sunwing or the resort in terms of trying to get their deposits back?
  3. Does anyone have any photos that they can send me of a beach wedding ceremony at both the paradisus Rio del Oro and Princesa del Mar. thanks
  4. We are still waiting to hear back from our TA as to if we will be getting back the deposit from the resort. She said that sunwing is going to refund our deposits as well. We are also getting back the deposit from the photographer we hired. So fortunetly we think we will be getting all of our money back, and none of our invited guests had yet put down their deposits. Still not sure if we are going to switch to another resort in Mexico at this time.
  5. We were at the Grand Rivieria Princess last October for our friends wedding. love it so much that we booked it for our wedding in June 2011. However, now with everything that has transpired at the resort we have chosen to cancel our wedding. Not sure where we are going to rebook. good luck to all you brides heading down there in the next few weeks. im sure the WC will do everything she can to make it a beautiful day for you.
  6. Hi Dreamwedding1 ! i would love to see some of your photos as we are wanting to eat at that restaraunt as well. could you send them to mwhite@cccmaps.com thanks for all your info Michelle
  7. Hello, i was looking at those maracas as well but wasn't sure about the shipping cost. how much did you pay to ship to Canada? thanks
  8. Just found out that David's bridal is making its way up to Canada and opening two stores in Ontario. this is so exciting because that is where my bridesmaids want to get their dresses from......yeah ! check it out: http://www.weddingbells.ca/blogs/fashion/tulle-box/2010/10/04/new-kid-on-the-block-davids-bridal/ so exciting !
  9. oh wow. i have been speaking with Patricia, as recently as Monday..........i never got a letter from her stating anything. that is really weird.
  10. Hello, We have booked our Wedding for June 3,2011 at the Grand Sunset Princess. I have some questions if anyone can answer them that would be great 1. Can anyone recomend a good photographer for under $1200......or has anyone used Octavio Montes? is he good? 2. the wedding coordinator, Patricia, is saying that for the Thai restaraunt it is $100US per person for a dinner reception. is it worth it, or is there a semi-private option? 3. What a la carte's are best to use for the reception dinner that are included in the package? 4. is it worth the extra $700 US for the Yuppa set up? i love the look of it! Thanks Michelle
  11. Hi sunkisseddreams ! your STD look awsome. we are planning on making them ourselves as well. and we are heading to the mayan as well but for next june. just wondering if you printed them on your home printer? where did you get the envelop from? thanks
  12. Hey Ms Burns !  thanks for your review and your lovely pictures. you looked awsome! just wondering what the weather was like for you the week you were down. you were there the last week of june? we are finalizing our date for next june, early june, and are concerned about the temperature being too overwhelmingly hot.  did you get your hair done at the salon at the resort? it looked beautiful. i also have long curly hair and don't really want to put it all up  also, do you mind me asking how much your photographer was (just for the photos).  thanks michelle
  13. Hi, Is June a good time to go the the Riviera Maya for a wedding?? Â For the Thai beach club reception dinner, how much extra per person did you have to pay? do you know what the minimum number of people is to have it there? Â thanks
  14. Hello, My fiancee and I thinking of this resort for our wedding next spring. We were there in October for a friends wedding and loved it. Although i love the gazebo, it is beautiful, i have always dreamed of being right on the sand getting married. did anyone here go this route? and if so do you have any photos to share? how much extra was it over the price of the wedding package? Â thanks Michelle
  15. hi again, so today I got an email back from Eduardo with wedding pictures. The beach looks beautiful, but it looks like the staff are the ones in the photos!!! Â Â
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