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flower girl, jr. bridesmaid help!!!!!

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ok ladies, i promise i'm back.... i have realized how much i have missed all of you as i have been trying to catch up with everyone..

So many new soon to be and brides!!!!

Ok, so here's my issue...

I have around 2 months until my wedding at Dreams Cancun and still have't found my two little girls dresses that will be joining me down the isle. One is 12 and the other is 7.

I thought about doing a cool color of linen dress for both, but can't seem to find ANYTHING!!!!

If any of you could show some pictures if had a a flower girl or jr. bridesmaid that would help also!!!!

Or, if you know of somewhere in your hometown or online that i could find something similar... i would love you forever!!!!!

Thanks so much to all of you!!! I hope that everyone is doing well....

Miss you all so much!



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Do you have a Burlington Coat Factory near you? I am going there this weekend because I went there a few months ago and they had a huge, I mean huge, selection of flower girl dresses from sizes 0 to 3 months to size 12. And, they have matching ones for those ranges and they were super cute and great prices. The most expensive one was $32.99 and they had lots for a lot cheaper than that.

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I'm not exactly sure how fancy you want it to be, but have you tried Target? Honestly they have a crazy variety of dresses and you'd be hard pressed to spend more than $20-25. That's where I sent my flower girl's mother because I didn't want her to invest in something she'd probably only wear once. This is what she got:


Click the image to open in full size.

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