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I've seen some great must have photo lists for general wedding pictures. I was wondering if anyone has some great ideas for TTD positions or other ideas that are outside the box. We will be on the beach so heres some ideas I have so far:


Rings in Sand held in our hands (thanks WTIW for the idea)

a heart drawn in the sand

one of me leaning against a palm tree and then him kissing me while im leaning there

beach shots - walking down beach towards shot and away shot

kissing under palm tree

after i change just a pic of my dress floating in the water

us standing in water kissing, him holding me up while hes standing in water with my dress trailing in behind him in the water

us on lounge chairs with our sunglasses on

us at the waters edge sitting down letting the waves rush up

us running in the water


any other good ideas out there? theres not going to be a dock and we won't be able to do us jumping off of a boat or anything like that? we aren't going to have time to go off the beach and do anything in town because we are doing it right before the reception starts (yes im wearing a different dress for our reception). Thanks for any inspiration.


Any help is appreciated Thanks

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Yes, thank you for starting this! I had my list started for the wedding we were originally planning here at home, but since things have changed I hadn't even thought of this yet! I can't wait to see what everyone says!

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If you do a search for some of the threads were other brides have posted their TTD pics...or links to their pics....you could get some great ideas. You could also check out web sites of photographers that do DW's and I'm sure they have some TTD pics in their portfolios. Also....I think it's fine to give your photographer a list of some "must have" moments, but you don't want to try and plan each and every picture or else it will seem to stagedl. You want something that reflects you as a couple and something that feels natural....JMO :)

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Thts a great list...I will have to write down someo f those ideas that I dont already have...but one I have (and love) is, the resort we are going to has a bar pool (most do) and I want a picture of us sitting at the stools in the water having a drink there :)

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