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El Dorado Royale (EDR) Brides - POST HERE!

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Hi Kim!


I picked my wedding dress based on what I liked regardless of the location. When I went shopping I mentioned that I was getting married on the beach....as I tried things on we discussed how they'd feel in a warmer climate. It was warm in my dress but I was pretty comfortable. There was a breeze most days and I think that helped a lot!


Regarding actually nailing down details for our wedding, a lot of it happened a few months out from the actual dates. The two main things we got locked in early on we're the ceremony and reception location. Our reception location ended up being changed last minute due to repairs, though.


We kept things pretty simple in regards to decor. Basic draping of fabric on our gazebo, free white chairs and a chandelier for I think $450 total. Then, for our reception we just went with the pure glamour tables that were fully decorated ($1,000 for 4) added vases to each table for our bouquets ($60 total) and floating candles to the pool ($250). I know a lot of others have brought their own decorations down but I am so glad we didn't go through the hassle of having to haul anything. It was so easy to just show up and have it done.


Since we had about 30 guests, we were able to have a free cocktail hour. We chose to do ours immediately following our ceremony on the beach (@ gazebo 55). It lasted about two hours and worked out really well for giving the guests something to do while we took more photos. It also helped bump our reception time to 7 so that we could have our DJ (you pay for 4 hours) go until 11.


Not sure who you are planning through but I used Brittany through destinationweddings.com and we were able to get a $2015 credit towards our wedding expenses, a credit back to us for every so many rooms booked, free hair and makeup (including the trial) for myself and a guest, the option of a free catamaran cruise with our guests, etc.


Definitely worth looking into if you aren't already working with someone!

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Hi Kim,


I tried several "beach" wedding dresses but they looked too prommy for my taste and not flattering for my figure. I ultimately went with a fitted gown that would be appropriate for any venue as it was not a full ball gown. My advice...wear what you love.


I brought all my own decorations except the flowers. It was so easy. I placed all my decorations in a second suitcase and dragged it to the wedding coordinator meeting. They took care of everything! Aaand saved a ton of money!


We had 19 guests and qualified for a free 1 hr cocktail party.


Hope this helps!

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We just got married at EDR on january 22nd.  I did not choose a "Beach dress" at all (mine was satin), but I LOVEDDDD IT!!! I agree with the rest of the girls, pick what you fall in love with, everything photographs well on the Beach ;)   I will say I was a little warm, but that's because we did all our shots on the beach at 4pm and the sun was pretty strong, but I wasn't sweating and we had water and fans available to help out.



I had 80 guests, which I think is a lot, and when we discussed minimal reception decor, the prices were outrageous!. They were quoting us at 200 dollars for centerpieces (3 vases) PER table - We ended up bringing down our own decorations and it was worth it for us!  We had dollar store vases filled with water and floating candles and 1 real  touch silk calla lily per table, which sat on a mirror and we added a cobalt blue table runner (1 dollar each on tableclothfactory.com). I think we filled 2 suitcases total with decor (I also brought down ALL my flowers - real touch silk - bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, etc. which took up some room in the suitcases. 


We did not do a Cocktail Hour since its all-inclusive, people could just disperse and get their own drinks if they wanted between the ceremony and reception. We did however, have a Free Rehearsal Dinner for up to 40 people provided which was great!


My ceremony was on the Beach at Gazebo 55, which is a popular spot, and due to power outages on the resort, our reception was moved from the Ballroom to the beach (the White Gazebo).  It actually turned out BEAUTIFUL and we had an amazing time.


Some of my pictures are posted on facebook under my Photographers page:  HAPPY GATHERINGS (Carol MacGregor)

Happy Gatherings added 27 new photos from January 22 to the albumRachel & Javonn Marry at Eldorado Royale — 
(Try to click on the Link above and hopefully it will lead you to some of the photos)
Let me know if you have any other questions.  EDR is great!

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Thanks @@LoLoJabs @@jcook123 and @@Tagliatti01!!


I feel more comfortable going with something more non-traditional but that I fee gorg in!


I also feel better about not having anything nailed down! I do have my ceremony location (gazebo 55) and reception (Tuacana bar) which I hope I won't be over the limit of 70! I think with yalls suggestions I might do a balance between taking some stuff and getting some stuff from them. Do they charge a set up fee for the decorations you bring?


@@Tagliatti01 your pictures are gorgeous!! Your dress isn't super beachy but the halter does make it feel more summery! I love the decorations too, the bold color stands out! I never thought of silk flowers I might have to look into that!!


Glad yalls weddings were awesome I have heard a lot of good things about the resort but still nerve wrecking when you aren't there to see everything!


I will let y'all know how my visit in May goes! Hopefully I will have a dress by then and feel more comfortable! That part is driving me crazy!! :)

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Hi @KimberlyD


I'm getting married at the EDR on July 3rd and just said yes to the dress! I ended up with an all lace, beachy option from Essence of Australia, the wedding shop I went to recommended this designer for lighter weight options. I also thought BHLDN had great beachy options, and all were pretty light weight. Another good lightweight option to check out is Nicole Miller's wedding dresses.  


@LoLoJabs @jcook123 @Tagliatti01  

Did anyone see the Fuentes Gazebo? I picked this location for our ceremony because I liked the pictures I saw with the palm trees and beach in the background. However, it seems like most are choosing Gazebo 55... wondering if you all saw any issues with the Fuentes Gazebo area that I should consider. 


Any recommendations for a good welcome party fiesta location?


Also, did anyone work with Carolina as their Lomas wedding coordinator?? She is very accommodating on the phone and says she is going to send me all sorts of information, spreadsheets, checks lists, etc. BUT never follows through. I have yet to receive one email from her confirming any of the information we have talked about. I am starting to get concerned. Did any one else have this issue?? If so, how did you go about getting everything confirmed? 



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@@KimberlyD I bought my dress at BHLDN. Their dresses are insanely gorgeous and you can find beautiful gowns across various price points and different styles (if you're looking for crop top, they have a "Cleo" crop top that is lovely). I didn't want my dress to feel overly glam/princess-y for our wedding, so I went with an insanely comfortable lace number.

For decorations, I recommend Katy from Love & Lace Wedding Decor. She got married in Mexico and lives down there now from my understanding. She knows there's a need for lower cost decor since the resorts charge so much, so she has a huge inventory of items she rents out. We're going through her for the vast majority of decor so that we don't have to bring a ton of stuff down with us aside from welcome bag stuff and minor decor.

Hello my fellow brides!!
I am getting married in October 2016 and I felt pretty good about my plans until I realized I am only 235 days out and basically just have the deposit on my day.
Not related to EDR, but to any past brides how did you pick your wedding dress?? I have looked and looked but I am afraid to get something thats too big or too hot! I just ordered a crop top prom dress in white, but debating if I am going to regret not going with the "traditional" gown.
Related to EDR :) How far out did everyone start planning their details at the resort? I have looked online and have a general idea of what I am going for, but haven't tried to make any decisions with my wedding coordinator due to the communication being so far in between.
Does anyone have any advice on using their decorations vs taking your own?
I have seen some brides talk about a free cocktail hour. Where did yall see this? I think that would good to use as a welcome reception.
Any other planning advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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Hi Hilary,


I don't remember the Fuentes gazebo specifically but choose gazebo 55 because our destination wedding specialist had recommended it. I think the beach there was the least obstructed and it is at the very end of the resort so it felt more private.


We used our free reception as a welcome party/dinner at Cocotal and it was soooo wonderful! The staff was awesome, food was amazing and we basically had the place to ourselves (or at least it felt like it)!


My original coordinator was Marisol but she left the company about a month and a half before our wedding and we ended up with Carolina. She was friendly and everything worked out the way I had wanted it to, but communication was slow and I did end up making our final payment less than 24 hours before we left for Mexico because she was so slow. Not sure if this was due to the switch or if that's just the way she works....


Regardless, everything turned out perfect and in the end, I wished I wouldn't have stressed about anything.

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I looked online at the BHLDN dresses and they are super pretty! I am going to find a place around here that sells them. 


@@jhercule The link for love and lace wedding decor didn't work but I will google :) Did you have to pay the outside vendor fee to use her? Once you made decisions with her did she do everything at the resort as far as put up and tear down? I talked to my Fiance last night and he did not feel strongly about taking our own! :(


@@HilaryRobin I have Carolina as my coordinator as well. She is super nice, but I have had trouble with getting her to respond on somethings. I had to email her a couple times on the same topic and put my emails in list format so she could answer them easier. I am going in May for another wedding in Playa so we are going to make a trip to EDR to hopefully nail down some details and get a feel of the place.


@@LoLoJabs did you use the destinationwedding.com for your travel and thats why you got those specials? I have a travel agent and I have heard about getting 1 room free for every 10 that are paid, but I have not heard anything about free hair and makeup or discounts on the wedding. I am wondering if my travel agent can request that. Also, glad to hear that Cocotal for your free reception was good! Now that I know that we can get a free reception I am thinking of using that as the welcome party and paying for the one before the reception since with the 20% off its only going to be about $800.


I feel so much better now that I have yall to bounce ideas off of and get information from!


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@@KimberlyD sorry about the link not working! Check her out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/loveandlacedecor/


My wedding isn't until June, so I've just been working with her via email thus far. A number of other Riviera Maya brides on this site have used her before - just search for Love & Lace in the BDW search bar. Katy will meet up with you somewhere in the area a few days before your big day to drop off your rented decor - so you don't have to pay the outside vendor fee. She doesn't actually set it up - she just supplies the items (she even has favor options to purchase). Then after the wedding, she'll meet up with you to return the items.


You WILL have to pay a fee to the resort to have them set up the decor (but you'd have to pay that even if you brought your own). Just check with your Lomas planner on what that cost would be. On my detail sheet it says that they'll charge $5 per person for decor setup if I use my own stuff. Even with that fee + renting through Katy, I'm finding it still way cheaper than going through Lomas.

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@@jhercule sorry, it wasn't your link it was my work blocking, but it just said the page couldn't be loaded instead of the FORBIDDEN screen :)


I checked her out and OMG so in loveeeee!! It's like everything I ever dreamed but didn't think I was gonna be able to have!! I sent her an email to get some pricing information and stuff.


Are you worried you are going to get caught??

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