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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by jackshayne0123 I am also considering eyelash extensions, I have seen them on a few people in person and they look fabulous! I was worried about how they would hold up in the heat, pool and ocean but from the sounds of it they are ok? I think they are so pretty and adds just the right amount of drama to the face, and you don't need mascara...sign me up! Mine held up fine throughout the wedding and our trip, but didn't last as long as I expected after I got home. I think if it weren't for the humidity, water, heat, etc. they would've stayed on longer. But I said from the start as long as they made it through the wedding, that was all I needed.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by kelseyrenee Great idea to just switch to the ceremony side that makes your veil/hair blow back and not into your face! My WC is Ingrid from Lomas and she's been so great! Takes her from 2-6 days to respond to an email but she has been very thorough and gives honest opinions. Hope everyone else is having a pleasant experience with their WC because it should be a fun process! I'm getting my hair done at the casita spa and am wondering about anyone else's experience there with how well the stylist can replicate what's in a picture? I need to remember to be vocal and not passive about what I want! Not getting my makeup done because anytime I've ever had it done professionally I have not liked it. I feel like it ages me rather than makes me look better. Experiences with makeup at casita spa? Also, I'm starting to wonder about the ceremony. I know I need to have music on an iPod and label the songs but how do you know what will be said during the ceremony? Does the WC give you script options or do you create it on your own? How long have ceremonies typically lasted? Mine will be symbolic because we are getting legally married in the US before we go to Mexico. The process to legalize a Mexican marriage in the US is too complex and takes too long from the time you get home for my taste. Plus I'm avoiding the Mexican blood tests! Thanks, ladies!! I also had Vicky for hair and makeup, and didn't care for my makeup at the trial. I didn't do a hair trial, because I really wasn't super picky. I just brought in a few pictures to give her an idea of what I wanted - all up, loose curls, off my face. I knew the wind was going to be going so I didn't really care too much how precise it was. The day of the wedding I was much happier with my makeup. Like mentioned you create your own ceremony - I know my WC gave me a sample layout of the order things typically go in. Check out this thread for some inspiration: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/21660/share-your-ceremony-script/370 I thought mine was going to be long (it's posted in the thread) and it honestly was probably only about 20 minutes or so. We did the symbolic as well. Good luck!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by krobb317 Did you all schedule your hair and makeup trial and day of before you got there? I read a post somewhere saying it was better to do so when you get there…but it made me a little nervous! Definitely schedule it through your WC. Ours stated she scheduled my mom's and MIL's also, then when we got there she hadn't. As such they had a hard time finding appointments for them, and they had to get theirs done on the Royale side instead of the Casita with me.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Mamzaleg Hi, We will be using the El Dorado Royale spa (not the casita spa) to get ready for the wedding. Has anyone used this spa before? I was just in a local wedding this past weekend and felt that my hair and makeup made a huge difference in how I felt. I am nervous about my hair and make up for the wedding. Does anyone have any pictures or recommendations for the spa? Or did anyone have a bad experience that I should know about? Thanks so much! My mom and MIL used the EDR Royale spa, but just for makeup. What I would recommend is doing a trial. I was at the casita spa and honestly hated my makeup at the trial, so I"m so glad I paid the extra $49 to get this before the actual wedding.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by krobb317 Thanks!!! Okay, wonderful…I had read some had messed up the entire thing….yours worked well and woo how windy! I hope it's more like that than still…keeps ya cool! Beautiful ceremony! I think as long as your ceremony script is really clear then you should be good. Like who is speaking when, what music is playing, who to hand the microphone to, etc. Ours had kind of a heavy accent, and I asked my guests if they could understand her, and they said for the most part they could. I second Allie, I barely listened to ours haha. I was so wrapped up in the moment and whatnot - plus I had written the whole thing, so I kind of knew what was coming.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Mamzaleg I'm getting married in April and due to our large group size, the white gazebo is our only reception option. I was thrilled about being near the water but all these posts have now made me super paranoid!! Will it be too windy?? Will my guests not enjoy it and get sandy food? Has anyone had their reception at the white gazebo? We are having a tent will that help? It won't have sides though? Your advice is appreciated!!! Also, can someone tell me if the resort uses key cards or actual keys? I am planning our welcome bags and we want a landyard in them. Thanks!! They use keycards. We had to get new ones a million times because we kept putting them by our phones/cameras.
  7. I used the following seller - https://www.etsy.com/shop/abusymother?section_id=6491885 Here are a few of mine. It did fly off right when I got to my FI, but it made for cool pictures after.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by kelseyrenee Hello all! I'm getting married April 24, 2014 at EDR. The ceremony will be at 4 pm at Gazebo 55 followed by the fiesta cocktail party at Gazebo 55 and then the reception at Toucanes from 7 - 11 pm. I've been to EDR before this past March and was able to see a few weddings being set up but still have a lot of questions. Should cocktail party be on the beach by Gazebo 55 or somewhere else?? Should I be worried my guests will be too hot at Gazebo 55 for that long? The sun will be setting so I assume it will cool down. I'm not worried about guests drinking too much at the cocktail party because I drank all day long for a week straight there and had a GREAT time Also, there will be food and a donkey - I have to have the donkey. Will the wedding coordinator take down flowers from the ceremony and set add them to tables at the reception? I'm having my hair done and my WC advised my appointment is at the spa, is it possible to have someone from the spa come to my casita to do my hair so I can get ready with my bridesmaids and have moms stop in? I also want my bridesmaids to get their hair done with me. What does the groom's "room" consist of on the wedding day? Description says they are provided with cocktails and gourmet bites? Any idea where this is located? Has anyone used Caribe Photo or DJ All Music? Comments? Thanks!! Here's what my husband got for his groom's room. We just had them bring it to his BM's room while they were getting ready.
  9. Quote:Originally Posted by sharmer has anyone ever ordered a veil online? soo many cheapies on ebay etc., I figure since I'm unsure if I want to wear one I don't want to spend a lot.. thinking maybe I'll buy a cheap one and then make a last minute call. I bought mine on Etsy, and it was a cathedral length for about $35. I was really happy with it.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Tiff1037 Thanks so much for your response! The semi private dinner is for only 40 people and since we're going to be well over that, and we would prefer to have the private dinner, I wasnt sure if they would give us any sort of credit to use it somewhere else. And what the actual fee is to rent the Tucanes because its not posted there or on here. We were also told us we can't use the private event deal the day of our wedding (free cocktail event or dinner/lunch every day) and I'm just checking that was the case for everyone who had enough people to qualify for the private events. Check out this thread Allie put together - it should answer your questions. I don't think you would get any credit, but you can pay extra (I believe) to add more people to the semi-private. You don't pay to actually rent out Tucanes, but rather you pay the per plate fee for the private event. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/85364/official-el-dorado-royale-el-dorado-casitas-royale-thread
  11. Quote:Originally Posted by JenniferM Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! I thought 2 hours sounded a bit long but that is what they suggested. I think I will plan for 1-1.5 hours and look into JoJos free is always better. Does anyone know what type and quality of PA they have at the resort? My fiance wants to buy a system and bring it down rather than pay for the one time use there. I wouldn't mind so much except we will have so much baggage already and the cost...But his heart seems set. On a side note of rants. I am feeling rather stressed. We went with the sweet package and now many of the family that was supposed to go to the wedding are dropping out so what if we don't get the minimum number of rooms? And my parents are complaining about the cost of the resort. I don't find this at all fair because they told me they wanted to stay someplace that had soft beds, great food (they are very very picky eaters), great reviews, fun events, great locations, etc, etc. So I really took this into account when picking the resort and now they're complaining and talking about staying at some resort that has 25% recommendation on TA! AHhhh I don't know why I even bothered since my fiance and I are paying for everything. Sorry for the rant...it's been a stressful weekend. How big is your wedding? We opted to not rent the system, becaus I couldn't justify the price, and we had a small wedding of 20. We ended up bringing down our iPod player, because it was easy to travel with, and it worked out perfectly for us.
  12. Quote:Originally Posted by m8chow I'm on the fence. I really want to experience wearing a veil, but there's soo many chances for the veil to blow the wrong way. When the pictures come out right though, it always seems so worth it. Oh decisions decisions My veil flew out the second I got to the end of the aisle and turned to face my fiance. I just swiftly handed it off to my MOH, and that was that. The pictures we took afterward made me happy I got one - they looked great. Plus it was only like $30 - Etsy has some great options. I posted a picture on here a little while back.
  13. Quote:Originally Posted by ChelseaCat802 I used my moms engagement ring diamonds, and the diamonds out of the first piece of jewelry my fiance ever purchased me and put them into my wedding band. My engagement ring and wedding bands My Mom's ring: The necklace: Such a cool idea!
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