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Melia Caribe Tropical-Wedding Inquiry

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I could use some help do any of you ladies know if the resort will allow 40 people in a restaurant for the rehearsal dinner and for the wedding dinner. I have emailed my WC a few time but we know how that goes and I really need an answer so if any one can help I would really appreciate it.

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I have been working with henicy as well! She is great but I noticed that lately it's been hard to get a response from her.  Let me know what everyone finds out about the rehearsal dinner.  Also, for those who have not had a private recpetion - do you do a first dance with your husband or father daughter dance?

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I emailed them again to ask why I haven't heard from Heincy and apparently she is on vacation until October 2 which is outrageous so I emailed the two contact people from her automatic reply and they said they would have the answers to my questions in 48 hours and I just sent another email because still no answer from anyone. They are terrible at responding...I seriously hope this is not an indicator of how my wedding will be. I hate to keep emailing them because I feel like I am already blacklisted with them but there response time is over a week which is not right

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This was the email I sent and her answers are in blue. I am not happy with the fact that the romance suite was falsely advertised with royal services access or that they cannot have a sit down dinner with choices for more than 12 people.


We are anticipating close to 80 guests and have
> reserved our rooms through our travel agent Mary Salegna.ok please send us your rooming list with all the info required, once you have all your guests confirmed. see format attached.  We
> will be staying 5 nights in the Romance Suite and have selected
> the basic Melia free Wedding package, well actually I paid the
> deposit for the Melia package before deciding on the room. ok. One
> question I had regarding the Romance Suite was in the Romance
> Guide page 41 it says, "Experience Suite guest may take
> advantage of the Royal Service** amenities which feature
> exclusive services including transportation and a private beach
> area with private bar just steps away." However when I asked
> Laura about this she said only Royal Service guests were allowed
> and our room didn't allow us those privileges which I think is
> incorrect information. Can you clarify this? The romance suite does not have royal service included. They are two different types of rooms.
> Also we would like to have a rehearsal dinner in one of the
> restaurants, will that be possible given the large number of our
> party? If not will they do something that won't be similar to
> our reception, maybe a beach bbq? and if so what can they offer
> and how much does it typically cost?  The only place where we can accommodate a dinner for 80 non private is The buffet market place, the time would be 6:00 PM and there will be a cost of US$20 per guests after the 24 included. We can organize a BBQ buffet at the beach the night before for US$ 50.00 per person with 2 hours of basic bar included.  ( you must have more than 50 guests to have a buffet dinner)
> I would like to have a private reception either in the
> amphitheater or on the beach. What is the set up costs for the
> beach because they were not listed in the romance guide? Also
> the main reason I didn't want to select the Fairy Tale package
> is because I want to have a sit down dinner for my guests that
> permit them to choose from a set menu. We have a very diverse
> group coming including vegetarians, people who do not eat fish,
> someone with a gluten intolerance who can't have anything
> containing wheat, as well as some truly picky people so I would
> not feel comfortable choosing for them. Is it possible to have a
> small menu and allow the guests to choose? a Private plated dinner for more than 12 guests require the couple to select a set menu ( one entrée, one main course for all the guests). there is no exception to this rule. we can accommodate specifics needs if we know them in advance like one or two guests allergic to an specific food item or a vegetarian ( we can decide one special menu for them ahead of time), but the rest of the guests must have the same menu.


 If you prefer we can organize a buffet dinner with one of the menus from the romance guide for 50 US$ per person with 2 hours basic bar included. ( a buffet is only possible for a group size more than 50)
Also we would like to do something the day after, what is typically done or available for guests after? Maybe a brunch? Yes we can organize a brunch private for a cost of US$ 23.00 per person. The private brunch can be organize at the beach gazebo ( this will depend on availability).

 Another option is: You can determine a meeting point for your guests at lunch time or breakfast and have an informal gathering. or maybe by the pool.

Please let us know your decisions to do the reservations of the different places for your different events. Also let us know all the services of your preference to prepare a preliminary invoice for you based on your selections.

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So I have been dealing with the same coordinator and have found the response time to take way long. The last time it was something like a month and a week. Also the answers can be vague or my question is not addressed all together. I asked about the "organza " linens advertised in the fairytale package and they seem to be simple bed sheets. Freaking out over the set menu. Knowing these things before-would have influenced my decision to maybe not go through w this kind of resort :0/.

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I actually heard good things about the Jellyfish restaurant which gives choices for a sit-down dinner and the woman couldn't be nicer. I emailed her with questions and she emailed right back. It is right nextdoor to Melia and they have a bus that comes to get you. they seem so nice and easygoing and almost too good to be true. I would def look into it. Has anyone been there or done their reception there?

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Originally Posted by FutureMrsG521 View Post


Attachment 5089




Attachment 5090






I just got the new pricing packages emailed to me! let me know who wants them and I will PM them - i tried to attach them but not sure that it worked.









Hi there can you send me a copy by email please at forget_michel@hotmail.com



Romance Guide MCT 2010 -2011 REVISADO1.pdf

Romance service Kit REVISADO1.pdf

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