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  1. Missed a few weeks here so ran 33 over the past 2.5 weeks plus 4 tonight - 1203.34 + 37 = 1240.34
  2. I always try to check sites like retailmenot.com for coupon codes that are available! It's a good way to find recent codes. I think couponcabin is another site.
  3. Dislike, but mine is for work... I guess the phone is ok iPhone?
  4. Thanks, guys - finally got everything back together late last week... after A LOT of password changing and a new laptop. FI is in IT security so everything has been pretty well locked down now! I was a bit leery of online surfing for a while, but back to planning now! Aisha - that's so cool that you worked at the AG's office!
  5. Aisha - I'm so glad you got the real email! What a nightmare! I hope it's finally fixed, but I'm going trhough deleting things like crazy from my account and saving elsewhere. When it was hacked the second time - someone else offered to send money and he is a sales person at a company I was dealing with!!! I emailed him and I just hope I reached him in time. Janine - changing your password frequently is really one of the best defenses. I'm putting myself on a 90 day schedule which is what we follow at work.
  6. I am so angry. My facebook and gmail accounts were hacked TWICE in the past day. I'm hoping everything is cleared now (again) but I am just so pissed off! They sent emails to all of my contacts (including my present and past bosses) saying my fiance and I were held up at gunpoint in London and needed $1250. Luckily, I don't think anyone fell for it, or if they did, they at least tried to contact us before sending any money, but PLEASE do not EVER respond to an email of that by sending or offering to send money. This is a very common scam!!! If anyone you know was really in trouble, they would probably CALL and not email.
  7. I am also completely addicted to this show. I even have my fiance watching it - he says he doesn't care but the casino one made him want to wear a tux! He asks questions throughout the whole thing too - it's hysterical! We generally Tivo it and then watch it some time during the week.
  8. happens too often :: getting distracted by wedding stuff at work
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by autjo Hahahahahaa I'm hoping that when we have kids something changes and all of a sudden I can cook and clean LOL I was hoping he would suddenly want to cook and clean... Really wishful thinking! But he beats me home from work all the time b/c he works closer to home.
  10. The lyrics to both are beautiful... I would really love to find something upbeat...
  11. Dislike... Salads for lunch?
  12. Ha! It was Dawn! Oops! shea butter :: L'Occitane
  13. usually like FI cooking dinner?
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