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BLOG - blue, red and silver - WOWZERS!

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The biggest CONGRATS goes to Elizabeth who tied the Knot at Dreams this past Saturday! I absolutely LOVE her colors and can't wait to see the day of photos! She wanted something styled after Nikki's maracas pictured down below but in her colors of tiffany blue, red and touches of silver....

Click the image to open in full size.



This time, the artists were Israel and my hubby, Antonio - and I think they did a fab job (even if I am slightly biased - I'm a hard task master for detail - just ask them wink.gif ....


Click the image to open in full size.


We have a bunch of maracas coming-up next week .... I do try to not post the maracas before the bride has seen them, so we might be a bit delayed .... and I may have to post Mariah's wedding photos without some of the details, as it's taken a big longer with Paulina than we thought it would - this time of year is just a MAD RUSH!

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