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Choosing Wedding Cake

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That's very good that they tell you ahead of time what NOT to get! I can't imagine having a runny melting cake on your wedding day and wondering why nobody mentioned it!!!


I read somewhere that fondant doesn't taste good. Does anyone agree/disagree? I have an option for butter cream but it tends to melt when it's the topping. I'm still waiting for the WC to respond on that..


Oh and I went with the brilliant idea of different layers (this why this forum ROCKS!!!!!):

1) Chocolate cake w/ strawberry filling

2) Vanilla cake w/ chocolate filling

3) Chocolate cake w/ strawberry filling


It doesn't sound like it can taste bad.... At least I hope so :)

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Our cake is going to be layers of vanilla and red velvet. If not, our second choice is tres leche. We're having trouble finding a vendor, but we're hoping it'll work out.


We don't have one picture of the cake, but the design will be a mixture of these three cakes.


These are our inspirations of the cake we want:



We want the stature of this cake, but instead of flowers we will have red and white roses cascading down the side.





The design on this cake is the one we would want on each tier:




We want the roses cascading down our cake to look like these roses, with the vines and everything:




We also like this next cake, but we're not sure can incorporate that into what we want lol





Anyway, bottom line....we're hoping our cake will be a mixture of these cakes. Cake 1's stature with cake 2's design and cake 3's roses cascading down the corner of the cake.

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Originally Posted by MDLady View Post


Wow, I have no idea how a cake can travel well! That would be impressive.


I looooove fresh fruit but I don't know if that's an option, at least for the cake itself. I would love it if it was loaded w/ strawberries. Everything strawberry tastes good :)



It's fruit cake.  Pretty hard to mess that up.

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According to me I think that Wedding cakes can come in all shapes and sizes. Traditional cakes which have several tiers are normally a great choice, and one your guests will remember. The size of the wedding cake will depend on the number of guests that you are expecting. If you are planning to save some cake for guests unable to attend, keep this in mind while determining the exact number of people. Depending on the style of the cake, you have many different options. If the cake is multiple tiers, many people are choosing to have several different kinds of cake.

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