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April 2011 Brides

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#3191 tris

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    Posted 04 February 2011 - 08:10 PM

    Teira - BD! I'm so excited for you!! Mine is next Sunday. I still need to get on the lingerie shopping!


    Ladies... I don't mean to be a downer but today was the worst day I've had in some time. Work was awful... I actually bawled my entire drive home... I went for dinner with my parents which was great, but went out with my sister after and she's still talking non stop about her ex (read: I don't want to be a horrible sister but I really don't care anymore... enough is enough....), and she complained about how we're switching rooms around (because of her ex no longer coming) and flat out refused to share a room with my other BM, who is one of my best friends and also a friend of hers (they are in no way strangers), saying "I'll kill her if I have spend a week with her". So she wants her own room. Fine. Whatever. But then she was like "Mom says that I can use Brett's deposit towards my trip" (ahh?) me: "No. I mentioned to Mom that the TA said she may be able to change the name on the deposit if someone else wants to go, but that's it". her: "Well Mom will help me pay for my own room then, I won't stay with Jenn". I go on to tell her how it only made sense because then GM would share with Kai's brother. If she gets her own room we have 3 people in their own rooms (@ $600 extra). Just silly. The only person we anticipated having their own room is Kai's grandmother, which makes sense. THEN we started talking about dogs somehow and she's like, "So are you guys going to get a dog once you get your house?" me:"Eventually yah. I miss having a dog" (We have 3 cats, 1 is mine, 2 are FI's)  her:"Isn't that going to be a little much? (in a snotty voice). me: "Why? We'll be in a bigger place I don't see it being a problem". her: "Well it's a lot". me: "I don't see why it matters. I wouldn't even give up my cat and I wouldn't ask FI to give his up". her:"Well it's going to stink". ...... this is all as we're walking around the mall looking for wedding shoes for me, oh wait, no I WAS looking for wedding shoes, she just was looking for stuff for herself and showed no interest... I'm just illustrating how irritating she's been lately. Sorry. *PULLS OUT HAIR*


    Now I'm at home and FI is DJ'ing and it's loud and awful and I just want to curl up in a ball.


    ... and I'm not even on period. Ugh.

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    #3192 bryanandchar

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      Posted 04 February 2011 - 08:53 PM

      Ladies - this has to have been the busiest day to catch up on EVER! Wow, is everyone getting excited or what!!


      Tiera - great find on the swimsuit site! Thanks for sharing - I will probably order one from there too:)


      Tris - I have to say, that was an awesome rant! I'm sorry you've had such a crappy day. My sister (and MOH) was acting the same around me for a while (always going on about her ex), and it always felt for me like she was (as I like to call it) "sucking the fun out" of the whole wedding process. I didn't want to say anything to her though and create any more problems, so instead I get my Mom to frequently gently remind her to try to be more positive and supportive around me right now since we (us brides) are going through a lot and it's supposed to be fun and exciting! She probably hates it, but she'll realize after it's all over that it's not as big of a deal as she's making it out to be and was worth it to save our friendship.


      I also find that when someone is constantly complaining about all the little things that really shouldn't be bothering them, it's usually because they aren't telling you what's actually wrong. There's usually something else under the surface that is the problem and they might not even realize because they won't even admit it to themselves. But in any aspect of life, I find if someone starts acting that way, it's usually due to being jealous. There's not much you can do about that, they have to deal with it themselves, all you can do is just try to not let it ruin the relationship you have.




      #3193 KathyW

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        Posted 05 February 2011 - 01:39 AM

        Wow girls you are on fire today!!! I really love love love you girls..its almost like you are all reading my mind all day long and posting it then when I come on here its like wow here are all these girls going through exactly what I am! Its sad but I love it! lol On the dress topic...Ive been thinking how sad I am that I dont LOVE my dress either and how I originally set out for a simple beachy dress that wasnt too expensive then after all the money Ive put into it in alterations I could have just got my dream dress and been much happier now...but now Im stuck with a blah dress that makes me feel fat and I am not excited to wear it on my day! Blah!!! Then I just keep looking at more dresses and finding so many others that I like so much more but Im poor now and cant justify spending more money on more dresses and then what the heck do you do with the ones you arent wearing??? lol anyway sorry for the rant...just wanted to thank you girls for making me feel sane when I feel like I wanna rip my hair out!


        Then I keep hearing all these horrible things about my resort and now my WC isnt responding to my emails...oh and not to mention a shark attack this week next door to our hotel... Panic is starting to set in... Ugh! Lets hope these last 2 months arent pure hell! I was really looking forward to just enjoying this whole experience without stresssing but its seeming like that may be impossible! iyiyi Thank God for all of you girls!!!

        Much love!!!!

        33 booked including bride and groom

        #3194 KathyW

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          Posted 05 February 2011 - 02:10 AM

          I love love love this dress!!! Its from DHGATE for 130 bucks but it says they can only make it 85-90 percent as pictured..that worrys me ... What do you think...should i risk it and pay the 130 bucks??? What would you do???productimg1261237211144.jpg



          33 booked including bride and groom

          #3195 kiwibride

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            Posted 05 February 2011 - 04:18 AM

            These dresses are gorgeous!

            Originally Posted by Brandy 

            Wow!! Its been really quite on here today lol!!!


            So my moms dress came in and she hated it, so she sent it back, I didnt even get to see it lol!

            I havent shown her this one yet, but what do you ladies think of this one, Im also thinking about ordering it in coral for myself ;)





            #3196 lisadias

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              Posted 05 February 2011 - 05:10 AM

              Teira-awesome bathing suit, i have your same tatas problem lol Good luck on your BD shoot. Go tiger!

              Tris sorry to hear you had such a bad day! Two of my sisters are my BM (no MOH). One sister I haven't really talked to at all since August and the other i talk to a bounce ideas off but hasn't really helped me much at all. I have been doing the entire wedding myself. The one I am not talking to made a big deal in August about spending a couple of hours with me shopping for a dress, i was civil when I went home for christmas but haven't talked to her at all since. Not once has she asked if I needed help, how things were going or anything. I had previously asked her back in Sept to help me with table numbers(which i have since done myself) making a music list and getting lawn sign holders and i have heard nothing about it. She can't call me but has my sister and my stepmother call me to tell me i should just talk to her but she is a grown woman and can pick up a phone. She also called FI one day while he was working and tried to manipulate him. I am sooo done with her childish and stubborn ways that I don't even want her in my wedding but my dad really doesn't want me to say that to her. The way I see it there is not one good reason other than she is my sister to keep her in it. She doens't seem to care, be interested or even want to help. It seems she is just happy about the free trip(dad is paying for both sisters to come). I was hoping that she would get so mad that i wasn't talking to her that she would just back out but that hasn't happened yet. OK ranting over. Point was sisters suck sometimes and don't always think about you in your moment.I felt better not dealing with her, pulling back and it has been easier to get things done instead of kepping on dwelling on the fact that I am sooooo disappointed in her for now being there for me. Maybe you should cut down the time you spend with your sister Tris because you have alot going on right now and if she is adding more stress it is something you do not need.

              Kathy-that dress is gorgeous. Only order a knockoff if you can accept differences as they are never exactly like the original.


              To do list

              fix placecards

              go try on dress

              do song lists

              finalize flower order

              #3197 Brandy

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                Posted 05 February 2011 - 05:22 AM

                Wow, Im glad I dont have a sister!! I am so sorry you are going through this Tris, keep your head up, some people just like to complain, Im sure it does have to do with an underlying jealousy issue with you getting married and shes now recently single


                Kathy, you could always try to sell you other dresses on here, and I really like that dress you posted from dhgate, if you really love that dress I say go for it, make sure to read up on that particular seller, most chiffon dresses turn out fabulous though, mine did.

                #3198 Brandy

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                  Posted 05 February 2011 - 05:25 AM

                  Im sure the biggest thing that will be different on that dress is the beading, but it will still look nice, just not an exact match to that particular dress, but as for the rest it should look pretty close, but like lisa said, knock off dont look exactly 100% like the originally, like with  my dress, I didnt care if it looked exactly like the dress, I knew all I wanted was a chiffon dress with a one shoulder strap with flowers, now if someone wanted that dress exactly like the original then they would def be dissapointed bc the flowers do not look anything like the original.

                  #3199 Brandy

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                    Posted 05 February 2011 - 05:28 AM

                    Our thread had 163 replies yesterday!!!!


                    My to do list hmmmm....

                    Finish up luggage tags, Im almost done!

                    Work on pre-travel brochures

                    Thats about it!

                    #3200 mochamakes3

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                      Posted 05 February 2011 - 05:30 AM

                      Kathy, I really hope I didn't negatively influence you to go looking for another dress. If you honestly did enjoy your dress when you picked it, then maybe you're just having an off day. For me, it's the other way around that I will have the odd day that I'm happy about my dress.  The one you posted in very simple and pretty, but has some features that are original. If you're ordering from DhGate, choose a vendor with excellent (95-100%) feedback that can guarantee 95% as pictured. Otherwise, you might not get close enough to your expectations.


                      I think I am going to order a second ceremony dress from DHGate, this time from babyonline. I found a couple that I really like. I'm going to make one more trip to a bridal salon for a final decision. But it's a toss up between these two:




                      They are both designed by La Sposa. I prefer the skirt on the first one, but like the look of the satin on the second. So maybe I will ask for the second but with the skirt from the first? Time to play with photo shop!

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