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Got this email from Vista Print this morning. All the listed items below are now free for ordering, just pay shipping and handling.


--- FREE Shipping when you spend $50.00 or more. ---




Postcards100 Start at $24.99Now FREE

Premium Business Cards250 Start at $19.99Now FREE

Brochures25 Start at $39.99Now FREE

FREE T-ShirtsGreat Value!Get 1 Now

Hats1 Starts at $14.99Now FREE

Lawn Signs1 Starts at $11.99Now FREE

Posters1 Starts at $6.99Now FREE

Return Address Labels140 Start at $7.99Now FREE

Note Cards10 Start at $7.99Now FREE

Small Magnets25 Start at $12.99Now FREE

Window Decals1 Starts at $6.99Now FREE

Flyers25 Start at $29.99Now FREE

WebsitesGreat Value !One Month FREE

Rack Cards50 Start at $14.99Now FREE

Small Banners1 Starts at $13.99Now FREE

Car Door Magnets1 Starts at $9.99Now FREE

Letterhead10 Start at $19.99Now FREE

Note Pads1Starts at $8.99Now FREE

FREE KeychainsGreat Value!Get 1 Now

Pens1 Starts at $4.99Now FREE

Small Stamps1 Starts at $12.99Now FREE

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Wow, I need one last sale like that too! Mine wasn't nearly as good today. Everything I've ordered has been awesome though. Maybe the sales are different in the States too, we always get ripped off up here. Have fun ordering!

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Everything I've ordered from Vista print I've loved. You gotta keep an eye out for the best sale, though. On the same day I've had things in my cart for 25%, 50% and 75% off. It just depends on what coupon you use.

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