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  1. The people that really want to be there will be there. And it's really about the 2 of you being together and getting married! We got engaged December 5th and married in Jamaica April 20th with 32 people so I think no matter how much time you give people there will always be things in life that will prevent them from being able to some. Do what you really want and enjoy!!
  2. I totally disagree with the Grand Palladium Jamaica review, stay away from Tripadvisor! Check out the Palladium Addict website, it's much more reliable. People also have to remember that they're in Jamaica, it's not supposed to be exactly like home or we wouldn't need to leave! I would really recommend staying in Negril too on the 7 mile beach stretch, it's amazing! I do not have one complaint about GPJ.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by eel2011 thank you both!! So, does the Infinity bar have a live band nightly? I have heard that dinner can be legnthy which doesnt leave much time for dancing. I have even been considering hiring a band or d.j. but if there is live music at one of the bars for free not sure I should bother....? Sorry you guys missed out on the dancing Michelle Erin They have live music every night in the Infinity bar. Our dinner was from 7 - 10 and we likely headed upstairs between 9:30 - 10. I would not spend extra money on a DJ or band, it's very expensive. It's totally your preference and if you think your group would stick around there all night. We had 31 people and everyone was ready to head up with the crowd and party with the band and other guests. We just loaded up an Ipod and waited to see what happened!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by jerseykitten Welcome back!!! We loved it - our guests loved it - the food was so good! Can't wait to see your pics! Our photographer has put some of our pictures on her website: http://www.sweettreephotography.com/index2.php Click on "this kind of love" at the bottom and then "over the rainbow". We are so thankful that we had such a talented friend join us.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by eel2011 So, you didn't get to dance at all at the reception or play music?? Gulp! I'm really expecting music & dancing. I was considering using the blue lagoon though, so not sure how much they vary. Did you guys play your ipod during cocktail hour? Did you have any troubles getting your photographers on the resort? I'm so anxious to hear your review and see your prof pix Congrats again! Erin We had the Blue Lagoon reserved and played our Ipod music during dinner and then had a first dance. They even set up a table for it and gave us an extension cord. We didn't even use the actual dancing area because by the time dinner was done we all went up to the Infinity Bar for the band. They sang us another song which we danced to and then also did our father/mother dances so it worked out perfectly. We didn't do the cocktail hour because if you get married on a Tuesday they have the manager's reception which had all the beautiful appetizers, that took care of our guests while we did our photos. Just a stroke of luck for us really. We had a couple photographer friends with us so we didn't have to deal with that stuff. It will be beautiful and perfect no matter what!
  6. Welcome back to all the new Mrs! Michelle - It's just so funny seeing all your pictures since they are similar to ours, hope you enjoyed the Palladium as much as we did. Wish I was still there. ;( What a heavenly place to get married!
  7. Down to my final "to do" list for tomorrow since we leave Friday! One little project left and I'll be ready to head out the door with everything. Thankfully some family has offered to take a few things for us since we're flying Air Transat and the baggage allowance is very minimal, that reduced my stress to just a tiny fraction. The only thing that freaks me out is walking down the aisle - all those eyes on you! Hoping I can hold it together. Glad to hear that other hiccups everyone was having seem to be working out in their favor, looking forward to seeing all the pictures after (still have to research posting pics myself). Hope you're all enjoying your last minute preparations. I'm looking forward to my mani/pedi tomorrow but not so much the waxing! LOL
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by MayBride2010 ladies I am getting really really nervous!! Don't be nervous....we're wedding day buddies! We'll be there before we know it and having the best time of our lives!
  9. I saw one bride that took a picture of all her clothes/items she packed just in case your suitcase gets lost, easy to remember what you have to claim if (God forbid) this ever happened to you. I thought it was a good tip for anytime you travel. I think my favorite things that I always bring is my blow up float. I have one of those round ones that folds down into a disc and you just blow up the outer edge - genius! Throw it on top of your clothes when you're packed, weighs barely anything.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by jerseykitten What day are you getting there? I'll be there till the 17th? I get there on the 16th, we'll likely be the rowdy bunch at the beach party that night since we'll be the newbies off the plane. Hopefully you'll still have some energy left by then and I may see you!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Melidell Thanks for posting the list, Tracy! I put you in there, Di! April 3 - (hoyt75) Jenna from Fort Worth - Valentin Imperial Maya April 9 - (kimmyg) Kimmy from Cincinnati - RPRM April 9 - (Chicken764) Martine from Casselman - Grand Palladium-Punta Cana April 10 - (jerseykitten) Michele from Jersey (Central Jersey by Six Flags) – Jamaica April 10 - (taratoons) Tara from Ottawa ONT - Dreams Punta Cana April 12 - (bridej9) - ______ from MI - Dreams Puerto Aventuras April 13 - (CaribbeanLover) From Montreal, Grand Palladium in Punta Cana April 16 - (echo2_62) Meghan from Calgary - Dreams Puerto Aventuras, Mexico April 17 - (taylorwd) Wendy from Austin - Azul Beach, Mexico April 17 - (amcarter) Alex from Houston - Reserva Conchal - Costa Rica April 17 - (NegrilLB) Lisa from Atlanta - Iberostar Rose Hall Suites - Jamaica April 18- (NyBeachBride) Di from NYC, PPR, Punta Cana April 19 - (Sasse75) Jill from Hamilton, ONT - Grand Sunset Princess April 22 - (taraappl) Tara from Coon Rapids MN - Isla Mujeres, MX April 24 - (jess3414) Jessica from Phoenix, AZ - Dreams Cabo San Lucas April 24 - (katie424) Katie?! from Denver, CO - Beaches Negril April 24 - (vgirl17) Veronica from Vacaville, CA - Moon Palace Resort - Cancun, MX April 25 - (shortnsweet7675) Natasha from Atlanta, GA - Miami, FL (Carnival Glory Eastern Caribbean cruise) April 28 - (ebredhawk) Erin from Cincinnati - Dreams Punta Cana April 28 - (Melidell) Mel from NWT - Melia Las Dunas, Cuba April 29 - (SuzyQ76) Suzanne from Calgary, Grand Riviera Princess, Mexico Thought I could help fill another day! April 20 - Jennifer from Calgary - Grand Palladium Jamaica
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Geralyn I love to read on vacation and at the beach and figured bookmarks would be a cute and inexpensive item to add to my OOT bags. I designed the bookmarks in a word doc, printed them out, laminated them and then cut them out and that was it...I'm really happy with the way they turned out. Here's the template: Thanks so much for ANOTHER template - you rock!!
  13. OMG April is finally here - congratulations to all the April brides! I'm trying not to let my anxiety climb as I read all the stuff that people have done but guess I had a late start and I still have a couple weeks to pull everything together. I think I pretty much have all my loot at home. Spending some time at home would certainly help as well. Hope everyone is still getting some sleep at night.....dreamt that I forgot my wedding band last night but that might have to do with the fact that I haven't received mine yet?? Suzyq76 - the mugs I bought off of you turned out perfectly, good enough for a weeks use anyways! Will hopefully post pics of everything later if I figure out how. Have a wonderful and productive Easter weekend ladies!
  14. Wow, I need one last sale like that too! Mine wasn't nearly as good today. Everything I've ordered has been awesome though. Maybe the sales are different in the States too, we always get ripped off up here. Have fun ordering!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by MayanLily Also BOO, I set up a separate email account solely for wedding emails. I find it alot easier than riffling through all the junk I get in my personal account. I have been slowly buying stuff for the OOT bags too. To keep it safe, I have been gettting 40 of everything. I figure I can always return stuff or sell it if need be but right now I'm at 32 anyways. Question: Are we supposed to do OOT bags for people NOT staying at the same resort? I have some people staying at another resort too (that are also coming from Winnipeg and not Calgary) so I've been wondering if I should give them OOT bags as well. We won't even see them until our wedding day and then should I be carrying them with down the aisle to give?? j/k. But seriously, let me know what you decide to do.
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