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Need Names for our Signature Drinks!

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Hi Girls!


Fiance and I are having a "Pre-Wedding Fiesta" over Labor Day weekend. We will be having two signature drinks, and would like to name them. Our names are Jared and Jackie and all I can come up with is the "Jackie-rita" or the "Jared-rita" HA! (I know those are bad, but you get the piont!)


Any ideas?? It doesn't have to use our names in the title, maybe something to do with love/marriage instead?


Can't wait to see what you girls come up with!


Thank you!

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Originally Posted by carlymcmullen View Post
What color/flavor are the drinks? I am not very good at this stuff either, but sometimes I get lucky and something cool pops up.
Good question. I think that one will be Lime Margarita, the other Strawberry Margarita.

I can still change flavors, if a name fits another flavor better though! :)
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Hmm, Playarita, Fiestarita, Jacarita. Yeah, I suck at this. Perhaps something will pop up later. I'll keep it in mind. Be sure to post whatever you choose though! I think we are going to have chocolate martinis (MY FAVE) as our sig drink IF we do that, so i'll need a name then.

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