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need to vent

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#1 Kelitaw

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    Posted 09 March 2010 - 07:43 PM

    I am going to do my best not to ramble here but....
    where to begin?! FI invited one of his best friends to our wedding in Belize and asked him to be in the wedding. It took him awhile to get back to us but when he did he had to turn down the invitation. We understood...it's not an easy trip for everyone to make. Well, then we had to change the date and we let this friend know hoping that the change would make it easier for him to attend. Unfortunately, no, due to his work/teaching schedule it would not work.

    Over the holidays we tried to get in touch with this friend hoping we could catch up while we were up north visiting family. Didn't happen. FI has left a couple of voicemails just to say. Nothing was returned. Just the other day FI said "Well, I guess T and I aren't friends anymore." I felt so bad for him.

    Today FI gets an email..."You guys...…around the first or second week if April? We are planning a vacation and were thinking of trying to stop by and visit..." Um, yeah, sorry we won't be around because we'll be in BELIZE getting married!!!!!!

    I am sooo frustrated!! he couldn't come to the wedding because of his work/school schedule but now they are going on vacation at the same time?!?!

    Sorry for the long ramble/vent but I had to get this off my chest. Thank you so much for listening/reading :)

    #2 JENISE

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      Posted 09 March 2010 - 07:48 PM

      So sorry to hear that this has been stressful on you and the FI.

      It's always the important moments in life that allow to see who are your real friends and who really cares about spending your special day with you. It's understandable if someone cannot make it to your wedding due to scheduling conflicts or money issues. But he'll be on vacation the week of your wedding. That, i'm sorry, I don't understand.

      Oh well, what's done is done. No need to sweat it anymore. Just remember, your day will be perfect cause you'll be with the man of your dreams.

      Feel better and let us know of any progress you make in this situation. Good Luck!

      #3 **Kat**

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        Posted 09 March 2010 - 07:52 PM

        Have you tried maybe gently reminding him that your wedding is over that date and that he is still welcome to come? I dont want to make excuses.. but maybe for some reason they forgot the date of your wedding?

        I know it is a long shot.. but it seems weird that they would say no to your wedding and then ask to come see you over those days...

        #4 Kelitaw

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          Posted 09 March 2010 - 07:56 PM

          Thank you ladies :) FI is getting ready to email him now and let him know that he is still more than welcome to join us. FI even looked up flight info to send him. I'll keep you updated.

          #5 carolina24

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            Posted 09 March 2010 - 08:41 PM

            wow that really sucks for your FI!!! what a crappy "friend". all you can do is be there for FI and remind him that in the end you'll have fun with the people who really care about you!!

            #6 luciel2820

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              Posted 09 March 2010 - 08:50 PM

              You and your FI are too nice lol. So he doesnt respond to voicemails of call but all of the sudden he wants to go visit ? I know its FI's friends but this is just how you see who your real friends are!

              #7 sungoddess_08

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                Posted 09 March 2010 - 09:20 PM

                I completely understand -- I would be frustrated too.

                But, not to take his side - but a trip in the country is a lot cheaper than going to Belize. So perhaps they wanted a vacation, but this worked out to be a lot more affordable. It's something to consider. That being said, it was sort of ignorant to "forget" your date!?

                Weird. I hope it works out and they can still be friends.

                #8 mrs.timpone

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                  Posted 09 March 2010 - 09:22 PM

                  i feel your pain hunny! but look at it this way, this weddign will show you the people that truly care about you guys. those are the people who will move mountains to be there!

                  #9 Island Bride

                  Island Bride
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                    Posted 10 March 2010 - 02:10 AM

                    aw, Im so sorry! Planning our wedding is really truly showing us who are true friends are. But in your situation, maybe he just forgot since hes asking to hang out with yall. Im curious to find out his response to your FI's email. Keep us posted!


                    #10 vdaybride

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                      Posted 10 March 2010 - 02:18 AM

                      Sorry that you are dealing with that. Maybe he forgot the date, I can't see someone being that dumb to ask if they can visit during the time you are going away to get married.
                      Married 2-14-2010 Dreams, Los Cabos


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