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So, I think I found the perfect shoes...

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I want these, maybe not for the wedding (I want to be barefoot) but maybe for the rehearsal dinner.... these are just plain white shoes and they attached the starfish pins.... Does anyone know where I can get these pinshuh.gif


Click the image to open in full size.

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Originally Posted by JenandBrendanWedding View Post
You know what I love about those pins - they can be your "something blue." How cool is thathuh.gif I'm going to "Google" those pins for you.
great idea, (if I wore them for the wedding) I can't seem to find the ones I am looking for with a google search....
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Originally Posted by akh View Post
i can't tell if these are the ones, but i do remember someone that bought a plain/clear starfish pin, and then glued on the aqua (or whatever color) crystals herself. that's always an option!
that is maybe what I will do... I love these shoes
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Do a search for starfish or starfish pins here on the forum...I know we have a couple threads with links to places that some of the girls found cute starfish at. I'm pretty sure I remember one link in particular that had a TON of options. . .I can't remember what it's called though!!!


If I remember I'll be sure to tell you...but do the search, you're bound to find something helpful! :-)

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