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Message in a Bottle Invites and Passport Information Brochures andBoarding Pass RSVPs

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Some more info:

For attaching the handles:

The metal pieces are just those metal thingies you used as a kid where you stick them through a couple pieces of paper and pull apart the two legs underneath - paper fasteners (you probably used them when you did a book report as a kid) . You can get them in the drug store or food store for about $0.50. I didn't use a hole punch, I just pushed them throught the handles first, then through the box.


For the passport covers on vistaprint:

The passport covers on vistaprint took a bit of time. My fiance found a picture on google images of the front and back of a passport, as well as an inside page (we used for the inside covers). I can email them to you if you want. For the inside covers, I uploaded a picture of us and used that along with inserting text for the writing. The only difficult part was writing it all side ways on the inside covers and aligning everything.

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