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I have the same vision for mine, except I'm planning to group them with 3 cylinders/table with votives.  I've bought some of these sets from Ikea: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50150558  but it sounds like I might not have gotten the best deal!  I'm also planning to ship them down to my coordinator with some other decor....hoping it doesn't cost a fortune for shipping!

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The centerpieces on here are all so pretty! I'm glad I found this thread :) 


What do you ladies think of this for a beach reception? I"m thinking about cutting the wine bottles in half.

Use the top with the part with dinner candles, like shown, then use the bottom half as either a vase or tealight candle holder. 


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Alright ladies, after several different tires I think this is it! What do you think?


Less than $17 per table (excluding one luggage fee). I can pack 6 of these centerpieces in ONE luggage and still have room for table runner/table linens & chair sashes.


Dollar Store:

1 Candle stick

1 Flair Top Vase

4 White Jar Candles

= $6



1 Bag of Large seashells for 6 table centerpieces





2 Giant Real Starfishes

=$ 10




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