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I dont know when I should send out invitations? Three two months in advance? How long should I give for RSVP to be returned a month? Help please


I want to make sure I give our guest enough time but at the same time I dont want to send them out too soon that people forget about them at the bottom of the mail pile. I just sent out of STD this past week. So there is a heads up I guesshuh.gifhuh.gif

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I think with a DW the typical 3 months notice of an invite isn't adequate time for guests to plan, but that probably isn't everyone's experience.


It depends on where your wedding is, booking deadlines w/ TA's & how much time you want to give people to save up. We're getting married in Puerto Vallarta at the end of May & sent out STD's last June/July and invitations at the end of October. Our booking deadline was Jan 5th & we wanted to make sure to give people about a year to plan.


When is your wedding? Since you've already sent out your STD's you may be able to wait a little longer before sending out invites - depending on whether you have a booking deadline with a TA/hotel.


good luck!

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