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  1. For Sale size 36 DD Felina Bustier never worn just tried it on with my dress and decided not to wear it dress offered enough support.  $60 or make me an office IM me or leave me a message  http://i749.photobucket.com/albums/xx131/jeca657/DSC00104.jpg  http://i749.photobucket.com/albums/xx131/jeca657/DSC00106.jpg
  2. I have these two ruby necklaces for sale. The first has three stones and was purchased at zales with gold and white gold. The second is a one stone and has never been worn or removed from the case. Asking $80 each. If you are looking to buy both $140. PM me if interested. I also have these great shoes that have never been worn. I have tired them around the house but never found anything I wanted to wear them with. They are gray with a four inch heel in size 81/2. They are very comfy. asking $40 PM me is interested
  3. I am at a lost for programs? Should I have programs for the ceremnony or a signle program for the ceremony and reception? Should not have anything at all? Help If you could help me out by posting your programs or ideas on what you have done or will do. Thanks
  4. I am having trouble finding a good place to find bridesmaid dresses. I dont want anything that is very formal but I also dont want something plain. I am also looking at keeping it under 100 dollars. Preferred chocolate colored dress with ivory accents. Any suggestion as what are good site to look or and photos would be great.
  5. OMG your wedding looks so beautiful and it sounds like you all had so much fun. Reading your review I feel like I will be looking at the same thing. We are getting married at Dream Tulum and we are having about 20 people (total not confirmed yet) and we have already booked Sascha Gluck as our photographer. I am glad to hear you had such a great time. Congrats.
  6. Are there any brides here who had rain on their wedding day? And if you did how did this change your plans? Did you opt for the chapel? I just have a concern if there are multiple weddings the same day and it rains does everyone use the chapel and have their times changed around?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by northernflasher Hiya, we took a trip to Playa Del Carmen where you can buy maracas everywhere! They are the really nice round authentic ones in a wide varietyof colours, assorted shapes, most with cute handpainted scenes on one side such as fish, birds, flowers etc. They range from $1 - $2 each and you will definately get a better price for bulk orders. If I were to change one thing about my pre wedding planning it would be to schedule in a shopping trip prior to my wedding and buy my maracas in Mexico. I wasted so much time, stress, energy not to mention valuable luggage space bringing them from home. Save yourself the hassle and go authentic when you get there. Happy shopping Michelle Are you able to buy other things there at playa de carmen? I am thinking of doing the whole Mexican thyme with Maracas and the colored small blankets for the tables as decorations and was wondering if we could also purchase those there. Or what other cool thing you saw to purchase as decor. Thanks
  8. I am so excited just bought my dress yesterday it is Madison. It was the first one I tried on and everything else that I tried on after just did not compare. It was great. We returned to the shop later the same day with my bridesmaids (mother and mother in law were with me the first time) I tried on the dress a third time with the veil and hair flowers and we call cried it was the one. Cant wait. Love Maggie Sottero
  9. Does anyone know of a place to find guyaberas for men? Or is there anyone on the forum who sells them? They are for lack of better terms light cotton shirts for men found in mexico? We are having trouble finding one in Brown to match our colors.
  10. If you brides don't mind could you share photos of your bridesmaids dresses and/or where you bought your bridesmaids dresses at. I would love to see brown or sage color dresses. Thanks
  11. Mccrary


    I am in San Jose would like a get together. I see there is a few of you who have weddings coming up this year and some who have already had there weddings. It would be great to be able to get together to discuss what we are doing for our upcoming weddings and what the preparation looks like. Right now I am debating decorations.
  12. I dont know when I should send out invitations? Three two months in advance? How long should I give for RSVP to be returned a month? Help please I want to make sure I give our guest enough time but at the same time I dont want to send them out too soon that people forget about them at the bottom of the mail pile. I just sent out of STD this past week. So there is a heads up I guess
  13. Here you go I hope I uploaded them correctly. Like I said I got these from another DWB on the forum so I am more than happy to share. If you make your own I would defiantly get the tools I mentioned above it made it so easy to sure and get them all done in a day. Or a night with my girlfriend over some beers. JH STD.doc BoardingPassTicketJacketTemplate.ppt
  14. Thanks for the inputs I emailed Sascha Gluck thanks again I like his photography