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I love the idea of having chapstick in the OOT bags. I ordered address labels from vistaprint and I bought the chapstick, but I can't get the labels to stick to the chapstick sad.gif


I tried putting the labels over the chapstick without removing the orginal label that comes with the chapstick and that did not work, so I removed the original chapstick label and put the new label directly onto the tube and that hasn't worked.


Can someone please tell me how you were able to get the labels to stick?


What am I doing wrong?


Thank you,


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Hi Jessica! Worst case, you can use glue lines (get them from Michaels next to the glue dots). They stick to everything. They are stretchy, so you can stretch one from corner to corner of the label and then wrap it around the chapstick.


Good luck!

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Hmm I didn't have that problem with the chapstick and I used Vistaprint too but I did with my hand sanitizer labels from VP maybe some batches are less sticky than others? I just pushed them on with a pencil and they did end up sticking but the glue stickys are a great idea.

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