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You are having a DW at the beach, why not have the full experience!! I chose a beach ceremony because I want that full experience. I am a true heel wearer so this decision was a tough one. I will wear jeweled flats for the ceremony ( I had a custom runner made that I will walk on) and change into my heels for the reception.

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Originally Posted by Matt May View Post
We shoot lots of weddings on the Mayan Riviera. Here is our experience from a photographer's point of view at the resorts which offer both gazebos and beach wedding sites:

Pros: Full 360 degree all access photography. All angles of the ceremony can be easily captured. Even lighting. Lots of room to shoot.

Cons: Sand is hot, so don't go barefoot. Any shoes the bride wears will sink in the sand until your foot is flat, so wedged shoes sink as much as heels. Hint, very cute be-jeweled flat for the ceremony, change shoes for the reception. Make sure to check the tidal level. We had one ceremony site that was close to getting washed away and we had to go into the water to shoot the opposite angle of the wedding which showed their guests.

Pros: It's pretty. Can provide shelter from hot sun or random thundershowers that are part of an average day in the tropics.

Cons: Make sure there is room for your photographer inside the gazebo. Some gazebos do not have easy access all the way around or even room inside, so your photographer can only get one angle (straight on). Gazebos that are open and not closed in work best. Some gazebos are elevated. Slated Gazebos will cast shadows of different shapes onto everyone if it is a sunny day, so the lighting is not even. An overcast day is perfect for gazebos...lots of even lighting!

So the moral of the story, is look at your choices from a 360 degree view to see what your photographer will be able to access during your ceremony. It really is a Different way of looking at a venue site. However, a good photographer can make anything work!!!!! Hope that helps.
Fantastic post! I never thought about it in that aspect.. definitely something I'm going to be keeping in mind when I have to choose gazebo or beach :)

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