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  1. Thanks, it was an amazing time. I still have my TTD knocking it down to 75$. Its in excellent condition and has been cleaned. The size is an 8 not sure what the chest size is or how to even find out. Sorry. It has an elastic top and is very stretchy.
  2. Everything is sold but the basket, pillow, pen and TTD. I had a girl who was interested but havent heard back yet so its still available.
  3. They are 15 individual. I had a few more but they got lost in Mexico lol.
  4. Hey guys, I am trying to reply as fast as I can. So far I have pending all the bows, tourquoise overlay, tags, fans, pillows,all candles and flameless candles, basket and TTD. I will post an updated list as soon as i can.
  5. We had large lotus bowls with two of the candles and a fake gerber in it set on those pearly beads. You know the kind that really tiny and expand with water. Didnt have a problem at all.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by echo2_62 Yay I leave in 6 days!!! One quick question - I'm just sending out an email to our group with some details about everyone meeting at one of the bars the evening that the last few of us arrive. What's the best place for this? We have about 35 people in total and it would be for around 9pm. I'd been thinking Desire, but I'm not sure if it will be in nightclub mode at that time or not?!?! Suggestions please?? If its nice out the oceanside bar out by El Patio is nice, it has swing chairs. AS long as the lagoon isnt smelly. Desires might be nice if its early but the DJ doesnt get there till 1030 if I remember correctly and the music pre-dj was
  7. Congrats Bridej9 and Meghan. Hope you each have an amazing day that leaves you with memories for years to come. Big hugs from the BDWB's at home thinking of you.
  8. Maracas 15- $12 dollars Done I think shipping isnt included in any of the prices and I prefer email money transfer or paypal.
  9. Paper fans tourquoise 30- $30 dollars Flipflop luggage tags 8- $10 dollars for all Palm Tree Cookie cutters- $15 dollars for all 5 nice for bridesmaids oot bags
  10. hey ladies the wedding is over now and I will be selling all my extras. I am on here sporadically atm trying to organize my house so you can either PM me here or email me at deepeelar@live.com TTD $85 dollars in excellent condition. Chiffon overlay with bling at bodice size 8 but I am a size 4/6 it had a bit more room than I needed I think but it worked. I am also 5'7 tall and it fit to floor. Starfish pen holder has pillow and basket $60 for all three or will sell individually if I must. Paid $30 or more for each piece when I bought them. Organza chair bows and tourquoise overlays, they almost match 100 percent. I have 1- 25' by 5' wide and another that is 30' by 5' that we used for draping on a backdrop 39 chair bows - paid 115 for bows and 70 for the overlays will take 150 for all of it or a reasonable offer. Its in excellent shape and clean. Prefer to sell it together but can seperate it. I wont seperate the bows though. Black Organza have at least 35' by 5' wide used for backdrop draping with twinkle lights - $30 Bouquets 3 Bridesmaids bouquets and one bridal bouquet with bling- real touch orchids, red roses, and tourquoise gerbs $200 obo for all of them. floating heart candles 2 boxes of 12- $6 each for hearts and flamesless silver tealights for luminaries or hanging lanterns box of 12 - $12 dollars
  11. Hey guys, Sorry been away for a bit with a sick baby and extremely busy trying to organize this at home reception which is saturday. Keep Calm meghan its only a couple weeks away and I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you ladies. I promise promise to get my review done as soon as this ahr is over.
  12. It really depends on the weather. Yes it is Mexico and its very warm during the day but after being there you aclimatize (sp?) and when the sun gets down its very cool if its windy at all. We were originally going to have our reception lagoon side, I think thats the natural pool we did our TTD session in. But then decided it to have it over by the adult pool which is directly across the right of the Oceana restaurant. Two things I didnt like about this. #1 Oceana plays the same music loop all night long and its loud. Your music system unless your doing the whole out sound system rental will not be able to compete here so you have two musics playing the whole time. #2 If its breezy at all its cool. The daytime high the day of my wedding was 28 C and it was like 12 degrees outside but with the wind it was so cold my nose was running. All the girls went and stuck there legs in the hot top which is why I had told Janna she might want to have it above portofino. Yes I had the beautiful atmosphere but we had to cut things short because you dont want to be wearing a hoody on the night of your wedding. Just my opinion. I used an outside photographer named Lidia Grosso and paid her via paypal also. I was intially leery because shes an unknown on these forums but she was amazing. It was the toss up between her's and Sascha's and I am happy with my photos. My books are on my way too super excited. Anyways if anyone needs any help or anything please let me know. I still have to do my review and have it in point form on pencil but our AHR is 2 weeks away and that has me busy busy too. Talk soon ladies. Meghan woohoo less than 30 days. Very awesome. Sunshine the days will fly by, hop you have a great time.
  13. I used the realtouch orchids and bought both my hairpiece and bouquets through wedideas.com
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