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Any 2011 Brides out there?

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Wow, hello to all the new brides on here, lovely to hear from you all! I so sympathise with you in choosing your dream wedding hotel. My friend, FI and i researched for months before deciding. It literally sent me loopy! We have settled on Barcelo Maya Palace! It just has a lovely look to it. We also like that it is 5 hotels on one site so our guests have a cheaper option should they wish to spend a little less. The reviews are really good to. I love the gazebo there. We keep looking on their website at the 360 tours and are so happy that we have definately made the right choice for us! I just want to go NOW!!! lol


Linhy - love your website. It's so sweet what a good idea. I wouldn't have the first clue how to do that. Very clever!


Nicyx - well done you. I like no 3 the best! x

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Hello everyone, its fantastic to see new people joining, I along with others look forward to sharing this magical experience with you :-)


Thanks to everyone who has looked at the invites and I think were going with number 3!! This seems to get the most votes... thanks girls :-) I will make matching R.S.V.P aswell. Dont want to go back to work, had such a fun creative week this week......


Linhy... WOW your website is fab :-) May do something like this at some point if I can ever figure out how to do it, Im a bit like Michelle2011, I wouldnt have a clue!!!


Mexbride83... Send em my way, would love to have loads at the wedding like you!!! Your so lucky :-)


Have fun with the barefoot, Less is more, they were quite easy to make. i was messing with my photobucket site and some pics i put on here have gone, so i dont know if you saw the ones i made, i will re-post at some point as i love showing off... lol.


Kurlyks... We had looked at a few different countries and resorts before settling on Riu Palace Riviera Maya, We used Tripadvisor a lot ( It was someone on there after I posted in the forum who reccommended this site ) and Mexico was always our number one country choice, I dont now why we looked about at other countries really, maybe just to see what else was out there, And other resorts ticked some of my boxes and some of stephens but this was the only resort (other than Grand Paraiso) which ticked al boxes for both and the reason we went for Riu Palace over the Grand was because we have people coming with kids and the Grand is adult only.



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I hope no-one minds but I thought Id (kinda copied from another thread) complie a list of the when and where's for us lovely 2011 brides on this thread.


This can be updated as and when we need to do so... comformation of dates and resorts etc... just thought it may help if any of us have any specific questions etc about a place we could maybe ask someone else who is getting married there to see if they can help?


Here we go... sorry if if i have any info incorrect please just amend if need be :-)



FutureMrsYak - Real Gran Porto - 11 Jan 2011

fsuambs - Riu Palace Riviera Maya - 15 Jan 2011

Linhy - TBC - 22 Jan 2011

cjb0arder13 - Puerto Vallarta - 31 Jan 2011

sstryker - Dreams Tulum - Jan 2011

xcitedbride - Gran Bahia Principe Tulum - 08 Feb 2011

saza175 - Dreams Riviera Cancun - 19 Feb 2011

Mischaka - TBC - 19 Feb 2011

Gemball - Dreams Cancun - 22 Feb 2011

jrb - Riu Palace Riviera Maya - Feb 2011

Less is more - Azul Sensatori - Feb 2011

msamanda - Bahia Principe Coba - Feb 2011

jenv - TBC - Feb 2011

bikegirl - TBC - Spring 2011

Nuttytart 2kuk - Moon Palace - March 2011

roxmysockz - Dreams Riviera Cancun - 08 April 2011

Riri09 - TBC - April 2011

RaychelRae - TBC - 20 May 2011

mexbride83 - TBC - 28 May 2011

Nicola - Riu Palace Riviera Maya - May 2011

Kurlyks - TBC - May 2011

ahollo02 - Valentin Imperal - May 2011

rosieposie - TBC - May 2011

becks1581 - The Royal PDC - May 2011

PaperBagPrincess - The Royal PDC - May 2011

sarahlcamp - TBC - May 2011

adriashanne - Grand Palladium - June 2011

japonick - TBC - 02 July 2011

gemmalou - TBC - Nov 2011

Fivecents - TBC - 2011

michelle2011 - Barcelo Maya Palace - 2011

gingerlover36 - TBC - 2011

P&P - TBC - 2011

mbarnes04 - TBC - 2011

DiamondGirl - TBC - 2011

nbills511 - TBC - 2011


I added the below as they popped by to say hello even though not for Mexico :-)

Mrs. Williams - Punta Cana (DR) - 28 May 2011


Im too addicted to this site!!!!!



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Hi everyone, making last minute decisions but will surely be booking within the next 2 weeks at Valentin Imperial in Riviera Maya for June 2011!!

It's a steep price for my guests ($1800) but at this point I don't care.. whoever will come, will come.

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NicyX I too am addicted to this site. I have literally spent almost every waking hour reading through the posts on the site. I can't believe there is a resource like this. This is a powerful tool for us new brides. I am excited about planning my wedding and I have already gotten some great ideas from the threads.


Thanks for adding me even though I'm not a Mexico bride. :-)

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Originally Posted by Nicyx View Post
Hello Gemball, Welcome great to have you join us :-)
Dreams cancun looks really nice, its so exciting that you booked cant wait until we can in May time (fingers crossed) feels like we been waiting for prices to come out for ages.... have you only just been able to book? when were your prices available to you?

We were able to book in January, prices came out just before Christmas but didn't want too soon, however, prices were going it so we just when into Thomas Cook after Christmas and booked it. It was a huge relief because we've been looking and waiting for so long.

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