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  1. FYI, do you all know if you are planning to bring your wedding dress on the plane??? l
  2. Hi ladies, Â Has anyone heard from the DREAMS new WC yet? My wedding is in January 22nd, 2011 and I haven't heard from her since Ana left.
  3. How exciting! When in 2011 are you having your wedding? I have around less then 5 month to go and I need to lose weight. I feel like I keep on putting on more. I don't know what to do. No one really understands what wedding planning is like until they go through theirs. I know a lot of grooms get there suits at express, banana, Jcrew, nordstorms, depends on the look he wants and quality. You can get nice suits at express. I think for men it's so much easier for them to find suits anywhere.
  4. Yeah same here!! Ana is very difficult very to get a hold of.
  5. Is anyone getting marry at the Dreams Rivera Cancun???
  6. Is everyone using Ana?? Or is anyone hired an outside wedding planner??
  7. O wow that's very cute! and yes you got a amazing deal for those. Is anyone getting marry on January 22, 2011????
  8. Yeah ETSY is always nice if you want something different and unique that is one of a kind. Is anyone getting marry on January 22, 2011?
  9. I hope Ana do a good job when you get there!! good luck to you. My wedding is next January and I am already freaking out!
  10. Is anyone getting marry at the Dreams Rivera Cancun? On January 22nd??
  11. Wow all of you guys did an amazing job losing weight!!! I haven't lost anything yet. I still need 30 pounds to drop!!!!