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Any 2011 Brides out there?

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I am ordering my dress online too.

For the following reasons:

1) The dress that I like cost $6000+. It is very hard to justify the cost of a dress that I will be wear for 1 day. Not to mention if I put $6000 in an investment account for my retirement, I would get return on my investment plus taxe credits.

2) I wanna do a TTD, so again...I don't wanna trash $6000.

3) Re-sell value of a wedding dress is 1/3 of the tag price at best, and the chance of finding another bonely size 0 bride to buy my dress is very low.

4) I tried on several "designer"/ "brand" name dresses, i.e. Pronovias, La Sposa, San Patrick..., and noticed that they are have a "MADE IN CHINA" tag on them. So, $3000 made in China dress vs a $200 made in China dress...probably coming from the same region or same factory..I would pick the $200.

5) When I order dresses from shop here, they order it in standard size, so they would order size 2 or 4, then charge me an arm+a leg ($500+)to adjust the width and length after receiving the dress. If I order it online from Chinese folks, they will make it to my exact measurement! (ok, there is still a slight risk of some fixing, but the cost will be much lower compared to skrink a size 4 into a size 0)

6) All of my suits and skirts for work are tailor made by Thailand folks who took my measurements when they visit here, and I just have to order them online after. The fabrics are top notch quality, instead paying $700 suits and extra cost to adjust them so it looks "fitted" on me, I pay $300. Bottom line, when it is tailor-made to your size, it will fit better than standard sized products.

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i used inweddingdress.com....but there are plenty of sites out there. There is actually a whole thread on here about "knock-off dresses"....there are a lot of ladies on there who have gone this route and have used a bunch of different sites!

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there are a few that a couple of brides used on here...



gianinarbridal - they have an ebay store and do custom orders.

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Wedding dresses-Discount Unusual wedding dresses-money save inwedding, Unique bridal gown,evening dresses from superbweddingdress.com


Im using this one above, I know a stockist near by of the dress i want so i will go there to try on.... Ive tried it once... months ago, i will go try again just before i buy :-)


Welcome to Your Bridal Wear!


I know 1 or 2 girls who have used this site too!!!


Going to go n look at some of the sites you girls have posted now....



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I usually check Wholesale - Buy China Wholesale Products from Chinese Wholesalers on DHgate.com It is the Chinese version of Ebay. I only order from seller with a long history of positive reviews. They can also make dress from pics if you have detailed photos of the dress that you like (that is why some dress shops don't allow you to take picture of the dress..unless you bought it already)

Most of the sellers are actually the manufacturers of wedding dress, probably other websites order from them too.

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Originally Posted by roxmysockz View Post
Ohhh no I looked at that inweddingdress.com and found this which I love

Style BC188-Beach Wedding Dresses

I'm too chicken to buy without trying though sad.gif

Thanks for the site suggestions though! x
That dress is lovely!! Very pretty! I know what you mean though. I couldn't buy a dress i hadn't seen/tried on first! Why don't you see if you can find a store that stocks it like Nicyx is doing?

Nicy that site you found your dress on is great. What a bargain!!! I wonder if i could have got mine cheaper now... Still it's half paid for now so no going back and i do love it!

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Michelle, Hope you WC gets back to you soon!!! Im sure for the sake of 10 days they could wait? ive got both fingers and toes crossed for you :-)

Yeah, i cant believe i found that site for dresses, the prices are fab.

Im going to look at Mother of bride dresses today and than make a few suggestions to my mum and see what she thinks?


Please can i ask.... My dad is "giving me away" and im unsure of what he should wear, Stephen may be wearing a aqua shirt and white linen pants, so do i put my dad in the same? How would i differentiate between the two? I dont want to put my dad in a suit as he would look odd being the only one.... but then i dont want him in the same as Stephen... not sure what to do? and thats if Stephen does decide on the shirt and pants, he may go for a kilt or a suit... if he does that will be easier to dress my dad :-)



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