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Just Engaged...complicated wedding planning

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Hi my name is Jessi and I just got engaged on Christmas Eve. I would love to start planning my wedding except I don't have a date an probably won't for a while.


The reason for this is because my fiance just recently joined a City Fire Department and they don't get vacation for a year and then after that first year or 2 the vacations are picked for them, and we're not sure how switching vacation times with other fire fighters work just yet so we are sort of stuck.


My plan is to have our destination wedding spring 2011 or even fall 2011 (out of hurricane season). I have been doing some research and the DR and Mexico seem to be two of the best options for us, however I am still open as I have just started looking into locations. We will be having family from Nova Scotia as well from Ontario and we hail from Calgary and have friends here that will be coming so we want to do this as budget friendly as we can for all attending.


My fiance is very flexible and I am a simple person with simple expectations but still want my wedding to be beautiful but budget conscious.


Any help would be welcome. I would love to get everyone there for under $1200 pp if possible, so I know luxury accommodations aren't going to be an option, but I'm convinced that there are very nice places out there for very reasonable prices!


Thanks!! Looking forward to chatting with all of you!




**To live more....plan less....**

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HI! Congrats & welcome.gif to the forum! It sounds like you do have a complicated situation on your hands! Is it possible for the fire dept. to make an exception and let you know his vacation schedule in advance this once?

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