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Las Caletas Couples ~ POST HERE!!! (**All LC Brides...PLEASE READ 1st post, red text)

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Originally Posted by nessa0308 View Post


Question for Andi-


I saw the tequila table you had set up.  Was that something that you put together (purchased tequilla and shot glasses) or did Las Caletas put arrange that for you?  I LOVE IT. 




that was a last minute addition and I am SO glad we did it! It was a hit! I dont think I will ever again be taking tequila shots with my grandma, aunts and mom/dad all at once ever again!


So we had to buy all of the tequila for it. We just went to a liquor store and bought like 5-6 bottles once we arrived in PV. Back then there was not an extra charge for it, but check with Kelly that may have changed now? Nicole (WC who is no longer there) did the set up of it for us, the limes, stand and shot glasses were all provided. I made the sign on my own and just had Nicole set that out too.

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Originally Posted by AliMcBaal View Post


Hi Everyone!


Has anyone worked with Kelley on having the Groom and Groomsmen come over to the site BEFORE the boat to take pictures before the wedding?  We're getting married in Oct 2011 (yay!) and are worried about how much lighting will be left after the ceremony, so wanted to see if anyone was able to work out another boat trip or solution with Kelley.


For every wedding I've shot there, the Groom and Groomsmen have come over early on a Panga in order to get photos before the ceremony.  This has been HUGE in terms have a longer amount of time to take photos with the Bride and Groom.  More time = more amazing photos!  So, yes Kelley can easily arrange this - and I HIGHLY recommend it, as the light disappears quickly after the ceremony (depending on ceremony start time obviously).

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Hello beautiful Caletas brides!  Just thought I'd stop in and say Hi again.  You've all made an amazing choice for your wedding day as I'm sure you already know.  I've been meaning to share some photos from my latest wedding at Las Caletas.  I was once again in awe of what an incredible venue it is.  I'm stoked to be shooting 3 more Caletas weddings in 2011 so far...


Here is a slideshow of the wedding - there are tons of photos in the slideshow, so it takes a while to see them all...




And, the day after/trash the dress session in Puerto Vallarta:




and a handful of photos from both days:



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Love it Nathaniel!


Megan I am already so excited to see your pics from Nathaniel! woot.gif(well in 8 or so months!)


PS - I think that if you don't start your wedding day out on a boat with a life jacket and your closest friends/family, you truly are missing out! haha

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