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  1. A-maz-ing. Simply, amazing. I know it's been almost two weeks since we've been back and I've failed to write anything on here....so for that, I suck. I promise to get my two cents in this weekend when I have a chance to catch up with everything. Yeah Nathaniel, how's about that teaser. (wink wink)
  2. I'm finishing up packing and heading out tomorrow morning for Puerto Vallarta! Wish me luck and any last minute packing reminders are warmly welcomed!
  3. Choeft, I've felt the same way for a while now. We leave Tuesday for PV and a big part of me is tired of looking at my wedding stuff that has been consuming my second bedroom for a year now. Like you, I just want to be on a beach with a yummy margarita in hand and a good book by my side. Awww yes, heaven. On the plus side, my last day of work before we leave is tomorrow!
  4. Yup! It was such a blast! We got hitched at the famous Little White Chapel with our good friend, sworn to secrecy, as our witness. The flights back home were not as wide open as we hoped (even at 5am!!) so I had to leave my brand new hubbie in Vegas while he waited for an open seat!! It was kind of a funny story and you know how the whole standby thing goes. I'm so excited Andi! I can't believe it came so quickly and it's becoming hard to stay focused at work.
  5. Well this past weekend, I've been officially turned from a Ms. to a Mrs.! Whoop whoop! On another note, how did you previous brides go about the cleaning and pressing of your dress? I hate to sound naive but is this something you do before you leave or is there a reliable place down in Puerto Vallarta (or even better Nuevo Vallarta since that is where we will be staying) that will do this for you? I've heard that it is better to look outside of the resort to get this done since usually resorts will charge significantly more.
  6. Moosie! Thank you so much for your in-depth review. Your dress was so beautiful and it looks like you guys had a blast!
  7. moosiemoose1 - Thanks for the helpful tid-bits! I'm leaving for PV here in 24 days! I can not believe how fast time flys. I can't wait to see your pictures and read your review!
  8. I e-mailed Kelley almost two weeks ago with a few pretty important questions and have not heard back yet. I'm a little nervous since I'm only a month and a half out but I know she is busy and I must be patient.
  9. Congrats on your two year anniversary Andi! I hope you guys have a great time in Playa del Carmen. We are getting pretty close and that only makes me more and more excited! I wanted to attempt to put together a really simple wedding program so I have to make sure a let both Kelley and (I'm assuming) Brad know my plan. The planning is going really well. I almost feel like I'm forgetting some stuff because for the most part, I'm finished and I feel like I should be working on stuff up until the day we leave. I've kind of dropped the anal retentive, super Type A outlook on it and now I
  10. For you past Caletas brides, when did you actually sign the ceremonial certificate? Was it a part of the ceremony or was it afterwards like during cocktail hour/dinner?
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