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  1. Hi Cassidy, We all stayed at Dreams PV and all our guests loved staying there, a few couples are planning to go back on their own next year. I think the hotel offers a lot of value for the price. Our guests paid $110/night (it depends on Travel Agency, season and occupancy of the hotel).We had enough guests that our stay was free and we got upgraded to the newer tower and a suite. If you want to read my review about Dreams PV you can see my blog, I have a page that is dedicated about my wedding. Here's the link --> http://healthycoconut.wordpress.com/wedding-plans/ This p
  2. thank you so much and thanks for checking out my blog. I bought the ring dish from Etsy.com, the vendor's name is Paloma's nest. It's a small size dish you can hang it and use it as an ornament after the wedding. The maracas were purchased thru Mishka designs, you can google her or search for her here on the forum (she's a vendor). We were happy with her service. I made the tags using vistaprint because I didn't want to pay extra for it.
  3. Hi ladies, I am still at it with my wedding recap. I want to remember as much details as possible (because I have bad memory) so I am being very detailed on the recap in my blog. Today, I posted a recap about the set-up for our wedding. Pictures of the maracas, DIY project of the maracas tags, place cards, ring holder and etc. You can check out the post here --> http://healthycoconut.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/fff-weekend-wedding-recap/ I also posted before how to make customized key card holders for your OOT bags. Our guests loved them and it came in handy. http://he
  4. I requested the beads fro the chuppa, at first Kelley said it wasn't available anymore (somehow it got all tangled up and got ruined) but luckily during the day of the wedding, she was able to find another one in her storage/supplies and we are able to have it. I think the beads is something another bride brought over and left with Las Caletas after the wedding and is just being used if requested. Hopefully it will still be available for your wedding. If you want, you can bring your own to make sure that the beads are available. When I was looking, they were available for $20-$30 for pur
  5. Hi Ladies, After our Las Caletas wedding and spending a week in Mexico and then traveling 2.5 weeks for our honeymoon....let just say, there were some post vacation blues around our house. It has been a whirlwind of a month. To all the future LC brides on this forum, cherish the time you have in LC and during your stay Puerto Vallarta. It goes by so fast, it will be memorable, our families are still talking about it and now the excitement is renewed because our pro-pics are ready. Instead of doing a full review on the forum, I am posting a recap of my wedding day on my blog.
  6. Our TTD session the day after the wedding. Photo taken by Nate Broshot (licensetostill.com)
  7. Our photographer, Nate Broshot (licensetostill.com) posted a few sneak peeks on his Facebook fan page today. I'm so excited, just want to share some of the pictures.
  8. we brought those hand held fan that was battery operated. It helped me stay cool and not too hot during the ceremony.
  9. 2 prong extension cord, extra towels if you have a lot of girls going with you early in the morning. Keep in mind that the showers in the bridal casita have no stalls, there are 2 showers to share, sort of like locker room style. We only had 4 girls with us and we were able to take showers 1 at a time and we didn't share shower time. Have a wonderful wedding. Today is our one week + 1 day anniversary!
  10. My wedding gown was not a typical beach wedding dress, and I wore my dress with the long train walking down the aisle and during the ceremony. Right after, my MOH and my girlfriends all helped tie the bustles (about 10 of them) and my dress was fine the rest of the night. After it was all said and done, including the Trash the Dress session, it ripped it 2 places, but it was minor and nothing a simple sewing machine can fix. Here's a picture of me walking down the aisle, you can see the train.
  11. Hi Ivietti, We started off our planning the same way. We were 3 months into planning a local wedding and a venue near the beach, but cancelled the whole thing and decided to do Las Caletas. Best.Decision.Ever. My family thinks the same way too (even the ones who were not on board in the beginning with our destination wedding). Congrats on booking Las Caletas. Enjoy each step of your planning, it will go by fast. ~ Lea
  12. Hi Lesley, It was probably me or my girlfriends you saw at Dreams with the luggage tag. Most of our guests departed the day after the wedding and we stayed a day extra. Now I wished we could have stayed one day longer, we really needed a day to just relax. I'm sure you are having a blast at Dreams. So cool that you returned to Las Caletas after the wedding, we are planning to do the same this coming November during a cruise stop. Catch up with you when you get back. I'm excited to see your pictures. There's something magical at Las Caletas that in my opinion can't be found anywhere
  13. I got married last Monday and just returned from Dreams PV. I got married at Las Caletas but we all stayed at Dreams PV. It was great and our guests loved everything. We checked out all of their activities each night and we stayed out late in the water. We definitely tried to extend each single day. I posted some pictures from Dreams Puerto Vallarta Preferred Tower suite and some pictures of the restaurant and hotel grounds. Check it out on my blog if you want to see detailed pictures. http://healthycoconut.wordpress.com/2011/06/03/first-day-in-paradise/ I know that during my plann
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