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Calgary Brides!

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Hey All,


So so far we have me, Sandy and Linds (fingers crossed)!  Hopefully a few more girls can make it.  Pam, can one of us pick you up?  I am going to make resos for 6PM and will make them tomorrow, just going to wait and see if some more girls are coming.  Either way, we will have fun no matter who is there.  Don't forget to bring any tips or pics or things you have on the go.  I will bring one of bm dresses that I just bought...I am eager to see what you guys think...I am debating the colour still.



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Ohhhh yippppi....after I just posted that my pic came up that I had downloading a long time ago on the old forum, but it was too big to actually appear.  I was kinda bumed, but it looks like the new forum supports larget images.  This is excited...I will post some of my engagement pics later on in the week :)

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