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  1. Hey Nat - I ditto what Linds said - I am not on here too much anymore. So excited for you!! Hopefully we can all get together when you are back and grab a bite and some drinks We still haven't seen Sandy since her wedding. Chat with you all soon! Natalie
  2. So sorry guys but I am in Toronto for my AHR!! I leave the 10th and I am back the 20th! Star - I got my dresses at H&M for 40 dollars last summer. Thanks for the video compliments!
  3. http://vimeo.com/24383300 Also ladies, you can see 2 videos on this site of my wedding day. I think one shows up on the side (Natalie and Jay) and you might have to go to "see all" videos, so you can see the other one. Enjoy!
  4. I am game for anything as well...and the 7th works for me
  5. Gabriel is the owner of the Jellyfish - he is super nice. Natalie
  6. I am free to meet whenever ladies!!
  7. Thanks MrsSCK. The designer is Paloma Blanca and the dress is number 3854! natalie
  8. Happy Wedding Day Sandy!!! WE are thinking about you! Nat
  9. Sandy - I think you leave tomorrow!! Have soooooooooooo much fun - I am so jealous, I wish I could do it all over again! Enjoy every minute of it. Nat
  10. I would 100% reserve the restaurant. I didn't want ppl hearing my speaches or being drunk around my guests. If you were getting married locally you would have a private wedding right!! Just to give you an example, during my wedding a really really drunk man came into the restaurant and starting standing with my guests, he got escorted out right away. I would have been so upset if we didn't have it private and he could drink at the bar or near us. I used Michael Stiengard who is Phil's nephew - they cost the same amount of money, $2600 and it was WELL worth it. That includes the TTD and I did do it. My guest were in aww of Michael and ppl have said I have the best photo's they have even seen.
  11. Hi Melanie, I had 24 people at my wedding including my husband and I. The total cost for the wedding for just the jellyfish was around $8500, then $1500 for the DJ and the dancefloor. So I would say have the wedding it was about 10K, but that doesn't include my photographer ect. That includes, food, venue (I privatized the restaurant), ceremony decorations, dinner decorations, flowers, lounge furniture, food, appetizers, open bar for 6 hours at $15/hr, dj and dancefloor. Natalie
  12. Thanks Mel!! The dance floor was through DJ Mania, and they set it all up, Mayte didn't do any of that. The couches were through Mayte - I believe for all that lounge furniture it was $500, which is a great price in my opinon for the look it gave the wedding. Natalie
  13. I just told Mayte I wanted hydrangeas, sent her the pictures of exactly what I wanted them to look like and she quoted me the price. My flowers were really expensive, because they had to be imported in. I think they were around 1000.00 Natalie
  14. Digado: -the stone ceremony was incorporated into our wedding ceremony. Our ceremony was not legal. -I did plan everything to the T, and sent pictures of exactly what I wanted the wedding to look like. Mayte did a great job of matching my pictures to what I wanted, the pink actually wasn't suppose to be there but it worked out okay lol. -My friend was my MC and he introduced us for the dinner, introduced all the speaches, the first dances ect. -I set up the DJ myself with DJ Mania, Mayte didn't set up anything related to that, but I did send her extensive pictures of what I wanted the lounge to look like and she did it such a good job of capturing what I wanted. -Mayte put down the aisle platform without me asking! -I didn't bring down the sashes, they actually were not suppose to be there, but they worked out in the end. My wedding was suppose to be all white, with only some pink highlights in flowers around the lounge area. But the guests liked it and I never mentioned anything to Mayte, because I felt she had tried so hard and it was still beautiful! -all my flowers were hydrangeas, which are really expensive. I sent her pictures of the "balls", they are called pomenders and she got them made for me. They were a carbon copy of the pictures I sent. I can't believe how perfect the flowers and cupcakes turned out, based on the pictures I sent. -our dinner was inside at our request. It is actually quite windy at night, so I suggest dinner inside. That being said, Mayte can have dinner on the beach for you. -I can't remember how much the lights were exactly. I will say that for DJ service starting at 5, including playing music for my ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and reception, which lasted until 12 and also the dance floor and lights was $1425 approx and then a tip. It was well worth it. -I did the cupcakes through Mayte. I sent her the pictures of what I wanted and she got it perfect. I was very specific as well. The cupcakes were $275.00 Quote: Originally Posted by jb1013 OMG - I love the cupcakes. These pictures are AMAZING! I was wondering if cupcakes could be done through Mayte. Do you remember how much the cupcakes cost? What DJ company did you use? We are having anywhere from 50-70 people for our Jan 2012 wedding and most of them are drinkers also and I am afraid what will happen if we only do open bar for 3 hours after dinner. We will probably have to do the local option for $10 per person per hour. Has anyone done that option? If so, how was it?
  15. Here are a small sample of photo's - I will post more of JF once my photographer and friends send me their pics.
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