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Finished OOT Bags *pic heavy*

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Originally Posted by dewiggy View Post
Hi Jennybell: Your oot bags look great. I have just purchased travel candles and muslin bags from blissweddingmarket.com and the bags measure 4" x 6". They come personalized...........I am going to put small travel items in them and give them out at the welcome dinner. I will put the travel candles on the table at the wedding dinner along with placecards. I am going to be ordering personalized flipflops from partyflops.com..........they deliver them right to the resort so one less thing to cram in the suitcase. Check out the web site. Any suggestions for my small OOT bags would be appreciated......you are so creative.

I have gone through the thread about what was used and what wasnt in people's OOT bags and I found alot of people liked having playing cards in their OOT bags for those rainy days. Aloe vera was another big one, not so much on the sunscreen as people brought theirs, but I still think its a good idea bc they might just run out.
I think you have everything under control what I your saying you have already....good luck!

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