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Detailed Program for Ceremony & Reception?

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Hi girls,

I posted this on the knot as well, but am really hoping for some Puerto Vallarta bride/wedding specific info.


I'm pretty sure this is too early for me to start freaking out about....but, i'm worrying still.


We are getting married in Puerto Vallarta, 11/3 and I'm starting to worry about how the day will go with the DJ...I'll never have met him until my wedding day and I'm wondering how he'll know when to play which song for the processional, when to play what song for the first dance, when to give up the mic to the Best Man, etc. etc. etc.


And, VERY IMPORTANTLY, if someone put together a loosely timed play by play (kind of kidding) itinerary for their coordinator, DJ, etc. would you please share? You can email me a draft at hls140 at yahoo dot com.


Thank you soo much in advance. I just don't know where to start or what really goes on at a wedding!!!



Can't say thank you enough : )

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i didn't do anything like this so i can't really get you what you're looking for. BUT - i did want to help you relax a little. remember, these people do weddings all of the time, they know the timing and they know when to be or do where or what they need to!


i never met anyone (DJ, videographer, wedding coordinator, trio, etc.), or saw my location until i got there for the wedding - i met the minister as i walked down the aisle. it all went perfectly!


it will all work out - don't stress! hope that helps ...

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