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Good luck! I went out yesterday for my 1st time and it was a lot of fun! One of my bridesmaids (although not officially, yet) came with me and helped me through the process. She got married last year so had a lot of great knowledge :)


I didn't find "the one" but didn't really expect to since it was only the 1st time.

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I got a dress!! (its the one I wanted) I got the Reese by Maggie Sottero. I saw a picture of it about a month ago on "theknot.com" Immediately fell in love! It just screamed "jessica" so my style. My game plan for Saturday was not to let anyone know I was interested at all in this dress and just hear the real opinions, apparently that worked. With me I had my MOH, sister in law (brothers wife) my father and future MIL. I tried the reese on first(they loved it), and then tried on another 10 or 11 btwn two stores. At the second store I tried the reese on again last at the request of Steves mom, she didnt want me to take it off. So, I bought it!! & I wont see it again until April, which sucks. My father was worried I settled, but in my heart I know that dress is for me. I also picked out the Bridesmaid dresses (2 ordered, waiting on 3). We only took pictures of the dresses while they were hanging, because both stores had a no picture policy. But im attaching the link. http://www.maggiesottero.com/dress.aspx?keywordText=reese&keywordType=any&page= 0&pageSize=15&style=A3240

http://www.maggiesottero.com/dress.aspx?keywordText=reese&keywordType=any&page= 0&pageSize=15&style=A3240


Bridesmaids dresses, ordered in Turquiose with a coco sash. material, chiffon


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