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  1. I'm going to Sandals St. Lucia for my honeymoon in June... I know that doesnt help you much but we were going between the same 2 as you are... I have read great reviews of both!
  2. Eew thats not cool. Glad you got more. Good luck dealing with them..
  3. We always do state parks. They are inexpensive and it really makes for a mellow and relaxing weekend. There are a lot who have beaches on small lakes for swimming and fishing and whatnot. Its always nice to just get away. We just booked a weekend in June to go
  4. BahiaBride2010, welcome! I cant wait to share the starfish with you! My wedding ended up to be at home so I will be able to send him right out!!
  5. Ok so I just caught this post. You are SO LUCKY! That dress looks fantastic. I wish my aunt could do that, I felt so lucky mine was making all of my BM's their jewlery!! I cant wait to see the finished product. Congrats. You are going to look stunning!!!
  6. Ooooh.... I'm interested as well... my FI has 2 kids. Lets see what everyone comes up with
  7. Ok Ladies- she got back to me really quickly. Here is the deal. Cost: $400 Includes: 5x7 10- page leather bound "little black book" with your favorites in it, a makeup artist to help get you ready, All edited photos hosted in a private password protected gallery, and about an hour to an hour and a half of shooting with 2-3 outfits You can upgrade to a 20 page book for $50 or to an 8x8 album for $100 She does really nice custom albums also if you are looking for that. Check out her webpage, its Ciras Photography and her name is Heather. She does really nice work and loves to do BD. If you want more info feel free to PM me also.
  8. I am emailing her to get the specifics to pass on to you guys... give me a few and i'll get back to ya!
  9. Its so good to hear that everything is working out. Communication is key in your situation. Nice to see your mom is pretty much backing you up on the stuff you have concerns on. Keep us updated on your progress!
  10. jstar- there are two threads going on in here at the same time. There is a blue one and a white one and basically it is a starfish charm that gets passed from bride to bride to represent our friendship within BDW. We use it for our wedding then send it along to the next bride. It can be your something borrowed for the wedding. I think its pretty cool and even thought i'm no longer having a DW i'm still going to use it. :-) feel free to join the list if your wedding date is not taken already.
  11. Wow thats horrible. Let us know what they say!!
  12. Hey ladies! I'm trying to get a group session set up in Jan-Feb. I have a great Photographer who does a really good package for a BD book. I think it would be best with like 4 of us. Is anyone interested?
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