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  1. Something with a compass... Not sure if you would want to use an actual compass or create one with the things on the table... a candle at N E S and W, then petals connecting them. Have never seen it done in real life, so not sure how great it actually looks done!
  2. We did it for a little while. I think it helped us a little, but neither of us were to happy with the counselor. I think we would have got a lot more out of it if we liked the counselor.
  3. flbluiiis

    PPC wedding

    Check out the PPC threads in the DR section. There is a lot of info in there I'm also a PPC bride, but not till April 2011! Here is a link for some pictures of the different options they offer...but like I said check out the DR section for lots more info! Use the "search" feature in that section. Picasa Web Albums - Romance Team I'm not sure when these were taken and if they still offer all those options or have more that are not on there. However, at least it is a start! I would also recommend using a travel agent with that resort. I have heard they do not give group discounts....but travel agents can get some deals.
  4. 1.5 + 2 = 3.5 miles! Go ladies! Watch the miles go up and the lbs go down I'm training for a "Freeze Your Gizzard Off" 5k with my FI! I am NOT a runner, so this is a fun challenge. I just hope I'm not the last one over the finish line!!
  5. I don't know if there is any proper etiquette or not... but I would probably just put the prices on the website and include the website on the STD. That way you don't have to clutter the STD with the extra info because the guests can get it all from the website. Maybe you would put something like "For early booking specials and other wedding/travel information please check on our website." Or something like that...that way they know to look at it early but don't have the prices right there in their face?
  6. Those are two hard spots to be in. Have you ever mentioned anything to your cousin about being a "man of honor" or seeing how he would feel about it? Obviously, I have no idea how he would feel about it, but I think if someone asked my brothers to be their "man of honor" they would probably say no cause they would feel weird. If he would feel comfortable doing it...then it could solve both your questions. You could ask both of your cousins to be in the wedding because then there would be another person for your side and another for your FI's side. AND you could have both your girlfriends on your side of the wedding party but not have to hurt any feelings between them. Good luck! Feel free to vent here any time
  7. Love the bridesmaid dresses! I love that they are not one solid color. When I saw it during one of my searches, I saved a picture of it in my "ideas" folder so I can try to find something similar when my date gets closer
  8. Wow... I think I will get lucky (and unlucky because I really feel bad for my FI)... but my FMIL will not be there. She is currently living with us and has been for the last year. My FI finally lost his patience with her and asked her to find another place. She will be out Nov 22! I can't wait She is unfortunately the type of person that has never took responsibility for herself. She has been married 5 times, 4 of which ended in divorce and the 5th was on its way but he passed on before it was finalized. We were the only ones in her family that would take her in, and now that we can't handle it anymore she has written to everyone and talked about how horrible we are - especially me. She calls me Blecky (bleh). She was told before she moved in with us that we are a NO smoking house and that she would need to contribute $250 as "rent", but mostly to cover utilities. She has the entire basement to herself, living room, full bath, bedroom w/ walk in closet. The only thing she doesn't have is a full kitchen, but does have a mini fridge and microwave down there. That was supposed to be the kids' (her grandchildren) playroom down there but she made such a big stink about the kids being down there and playing we moved it upstairs. Anyway she decides that in July she is doesn't want to pay $250, that she only feels she is getting $100 out of the house and utilities. She also decides that she wants to smoke again. She is on chemo and had to quit her job (that she worked at for 2 years which was the LONGEST job she had in her entire life), so she is on disability. She is fighting cancer yet after 6 months of not smoking decides to start again?! WTF! Anyway so when Jack spoke to her about the rent and smoking issues she told him that she was not going to help him pay for his trips to Mexico (which my parents paid for most of), or his scuba diving, or my engagement ring or for him to have the kids more often. So that is when he told her that she is not paying for those things, we both have good jobs that pay for that. Since she lives in the house there is no reason she can't contribute to it at least until her disability is done. That is the very, very short version! So... although I won't have to deal with her at my wedding, I've had to deal with this for the last year of my life!
  9. Welcome! Check out the Dominican Republic section of this forum. There are several other brides that have been married at PPC. You can get a lot of ideas from them. I have also just picked that resort as my destination! I don't know a lot of information yet, but I'm happy to share what I have. I'm a 2011 bride, so I'll be excited to hear your review!!!
  10. According to the "general procedures" it says "Contracts are to be signed by all parties involved in order to confirm any Romance by Paradisus Resort Package"
  11. I'm so sorry for your loss! I would say go with the uneven number in your wedding party. My cousin got married a year after her father/my Uncle died and she asked her Mom and Grandpa to walk her down the isle. I was REALLY close to my Uncle (also my Godfather) and I felt like she was replacing him by having her Grandpa walk her down. However, it was her wedding and her choice.
  12. Welcome and make sure you post a review and pics when you get back!!!
  13. Wow, I'm so impressed with how much some of you have done! Yikes, makes me feel like I'm slacking. I've just been gathering as much info as I can right now. I went out dress shopping for the 1st time and started to get a better feel for what I'm looking for. I'm hoping to have a place picked by Jan 2010 so I can get my reservations in. Save the Dates will go out shortly after that (hopefully!)
  14. UGH makes me sick... "A Louisiana justice of the peace said he refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple out of concern for any children the couple might have." The Associated Press: Interracial couple denied marriage license in La.
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